Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Returning To Me............

 Returning to me after hearing the call, the soft whisper that enticed me to turn away from what was, and sit down to a blank page and begin to write.
Dramas are all illusions, illusions designed to lead us away from our souls destiny, my requirement for such diversions is over, it is to the sanctuary of Nothingness that I retreat to once more.
In the Nothingness I feel the embrace of the Divine.
Feeling this love surge within every cell of my body as truth is realised. 
Closing my eyes I experience complete serenity, an understanding that to 'live' another way, is to lie to myself.
I want for nothing
I need nothing
I require nothing
All that I seek lies within, seeking from the outside of the self only illuminates the lack of love and trust one places within the self.
For if one chooses, they will see all they look for in the reflection that stares back at them in the mirror.
To live with love there is
No fear
No drama
No pain
There is only love
Choose to be Free..............................

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so true your words, gemel - it is only by remaining true to self that we truly exist in love and light - that inner love and light -