Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Living.....

The Living Prophecy of 2012 
Is Calling Us to Awaken
To the Urgency and Preciousness 
of this Moment on Earth

To find our way in these precarious times
we must continue developing our Intuition
our direct connection to the Universal Intelligence
and the Living Earth Force.
Let us hear the voice of the spiritual guidance 
inside our own Ancient Hearts,
leading us moment by moment
to be on time and in sync with our highest path
in Harmony with All our Relations......


Naturegirl said...

Oh so true! I wonder if the univrse is sending us a message with Earthquakes and floods and tornadoes we've had in the last few months. Is the Universe knockin us on our heads as does God...many don't listen until it's too late.
May be all take resposibility in our own corners of the Earth.

Michelle said...

Very nice. Sort of change in tune and tone... some studying the Maya now think the date is 2011.

I have the link if you're interested. I'd be interested in anything 2012.