Monday, September 12, 2011

After Spending..........

 After spending the just about the entire day outside yesterday Pixie and Tarmie were two contented little people.
Returning inside late in the afternoon they both rushed to their favourite daytime haunt, to view the comings and goings outside their protected domain.
I always smile to myself when returning home each day seeing their faces at the window, peering out into a strange world, one vastly different to their pleasant playground.
 But all that fresh air and sunshine has taken it's toll, for after their dinner instead of a few nocturnal games they all headed to bed.
 All completely weary from a day of excitement.
As we all nestled down for the night I was aware of the fulfilment I felt within, for as I sat and read and watched over my charges I realised the reward of doing nothing.
As I reclined basking in the warmth of the sun I felt complete.
I want for nothing.
I need nothing.
All I require is here with me..................


PerthDailyPhoto said...

You have some very beautiful friends in your house Gemel, and it seems you all appreciate each other accordingly.

holdingmoments said...

They do look very contented.
I love that first picture. :-)

Gemel said...

Thank you both.
I love that first picture too Keith, it is so natural.