Monday, September 19, 2011

After My....

 After my recent cleansing ceremony I was prompted to erase all details of those no longer required in my personal story, clearing the slate for new energies to enter my domain.
So powerful was this release that I have been infused with a powerful surge of inspiration, which has returned me deeply to my own personal and intimate journey.
Feeling this abundance of love has had a nurturing effect upon me, so profound, that I continually feel the warmth of an invisible embrace as I continue on my way.
Synchronicity has woven it's magic spell around me once again, I made a decision to stop on the way home from work in search of a book I am after, I had decided last night that I would go to a shop I knew close to the city, thinking about it though this morning the thought came to me (as it does) to actually make a slight detour on my way home and go to another bookshop instead. 
I never question why I am offered an deviation from my original plans, instead I go with the thought that has been offered.
So, after finishing for the day I headed off to the destination in question.
Looking through the shelves of books I realised that they did not have what I wanted, but, after enquiring I was told that I could order the book I was after.
Handing over the piece of paper to the assistant was the beginning of a rather amazing connection.
Seeing the title of the book the assistant commented on my choice of being a rather good one, this then struck up a conversation that seemed to flow into a stimulating exchange which lead us to discover that our paths were virtually identical.
It really was like talking to myself!
I had to smile to continually as this interaction was occurring, if I had not of gone with my instinct this conversation would not have been happening, I would have missed this moment.
Exchanging details I realised that if I had not of sorted through my email and phone contacts and deleted all those no longer necessary then this would not have manifested, it was all to do with releasing the past to allow the new to enter, to move forward I knew that I had to completely cleanse all areas of my life, which meant letting go of everything that no longer resonated positively within my heart, usually when I do a cleansing I will shift the furniture around in the house, spring-clean my wardrobe,take unwanted items to the charity shops, this, however is the first time I have cleansed my phone and email contacts, and it seems it was this action that has opened the pathway ahead.
All of a sudden a golden light shimmers on the horizon, its luminance radiating a sense of fulfilment my way, for as I strode out into the fresh afternoon wind I felt renewed and refreshed, and, so completely awake.
Out of nowhere a new chapter has begun to pen itself into existence, one where at last I have encountered one who truly is on the same wave length as I, one who like I knows of the frustration of seeking anyone who understands what it is that we are passionate about, one who knows the disappointment of having to compromise the self to 'fit' in with others we meet.
Suddenly, I begin again.................


Mo said...

Love that first image. Did you create it?

Gemel said...

No Mo, I'm not that clever ;)

holdingmoments said...

The start of a new journey.
I hope it's a good one for you. :-)

Michelle said...

oh the star being hugging the Earth... where did you find it? it's stunning.

Michelle said...

PS... sorry Gemel, was so whacked by the picture I forgot to say - strange synchronicity. I finished up (such a bland term for such a journey!!) an ancestral healing this month.

Seems like a time for healing old wounds. i'm seeing it, to one degree or anoher, in many people I know.

Gemel said...

Thank you Keith, so do I ;)

Michelle I did a search for hugs and found it, stunning is it not?

Yes, I agree, there is much movement about, it is time for cleansing, freeing and moving on..