Saturday, September 17, 2011

After A Hearty...

 After a hearty lunch I decided to take advantage of the boisterous weather and headed down to the beach for an afternoon amble.
 The sky was brimming with the promise of more rain, however the force of the wind was pushing it south unfortunately.
 Soaring above me was a lone white eagle, gliding along, riding the breeze, floating along soundlessly.
Sitting to observe him for awhile as he laced his way across the seaside vista I opened myself to join him, to be riding the wind, free and high, how liberating it would be.
 Changing my perspective as I lingered taking in every tiny detail of the world around me, merging with all, I felt an expansion occurring within me, a moment of clarity, a moment of rebirth.

 Heading back to the car I was taken by this blanket of gold brightening the sandy dunes, like little orbs of sunshine, pretty little daisies, viewed as a weed really, yet their perfection captured my attention.

 Passing the neighbourhood lake I thought I would stop to see if there were any ducklings about, and there in front of me immediately was this little angel.

 Paddling along merrily in the warm afternoon sunshine.
 Of course mummy was not too far away, but sadly there were no siblings for this lone duckling.
 Wandering along a little further I discovered this duck family, mother was giving me the warning to not come too close whilst father looked on.
 So adorable were these precious babies, all snuggled together having an afternoon siesta.
 The parents have a full time job of keeping watch over their little brood, last spring a couple of local children were caught kicking a duckling  to each other, I do pray that none of these have to endure the savageness of such depraved human behaviour.
 It is strange how people view the gifts of our Universe, how some have no connection whatsoever to the beautiful creatures who share our world, millions see them as just dumb animals with no emotions or personalities. 
 This place has the essence of peacefulness echoing from all its feathered inhabitants, yet still aggression finds its way here, one day perhaps more will view the world as I, seeing and knowing that all beings that share our world do have to the right to live in peace, that like us they all know how to love, they all feel the pain of loosing a loved one.

 Sitting and watching the world go by I am far more at home in the natural world of our Earthly Mother, never do I tire of her beauty, it is here I feel loved beyond the comprehension of our limited human love, here I am seen in my totality.
 As the duck family began to stir I watched as they wandered off, as they did I offered a prayer of protection for all of them, to keep them safe from harm, to bestow upon them a life of love.
 Taking the time to see through the eyes of your heart will gift you with the ability to behold the face of God in all you encounter, not just with humankind, but with every other life form upon the planet...........................


Mo said...

What a lovley day

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Beautiful words and images Gemel..bit more blustery today.