Friday, September 30, 2011

Take An Empty.....

 Take an empty plate, a hungry tummy, a colourful array of tempting tasty vegetables, some rice and a few flowers and presto, dinner for one!

 I wasn't the only one feeling peckish this afternoon, Miss Pixie spotted the new cat grass I had brought home with me, she wasted no time in nibbling the tender succulent treat. 
 Tarmie however found that the garlic and onion chives were a tasty alternative, I kept shooing him away from my box of edible goodies which I shall plant tomorrow, otherwise they will be gone before they are even planted.......

The Stillness.....

The stillness and the peace of the Universe is mine
The stillness and the peace of the Universe is yours
It resides within All our Hearts
Connecting us with All of creation
In this place we Are All
Perfect aspects of each other
There is no 
There is only Love 

Become this place
Allow its purifying pulsations to radiate throughout you
Joining us

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Crying For Gaia..............

 Crying for Gaia and her precious feathered, scaled and furry children today as I drove home, yet more natural bushland is being destroyed to allow for the plague of humanity that is spreading across the globe like a cancerous tumour.
 In the area that I live there is still acres upon acres of cleared land prepared into new tantalising suburbs, still they sit vacant, and still they bulldoze more.
With many business going bankrupt, banks not lending, builders not making monthly quotas in their sales departments I am stunned by the level of greed of the developers who are behind this recent release of a 'coastal lifestyle' which is to promise you endless happiness in your shiny new house!
 Why is it no one else sees the death that these mammoth machines cause, distressed animals fleeing from their homes as their peaceful domain is torn to shreds.
Driving past I felt such a deep sadness overwhelming me, so many lives sacrificed yet again for the humans unending hunger of ownership.
Perhaps one day they will all realise that none of us own anything, not ever, everything is temporary, we can not take houses, money or possessions with us when we return to Source, so what is this empty obsession with attaining 'things' to show others of our worth?

The truth of my being resides in all of creation, from the tiniest ant to the largest whale, I am All of these beings and they are All of me, each of us incarnated here to experience the third dimension, yet it is only a handful of humans who realise this fact, that we are all One.
Each of us sacred no matter what skin it is we wear.

With the technological age giving people a false world to live in, make believe toys to play with, is it any wonder there is no longer a heart connection to Source, to God, to The Universe?
I see no one else honouring the Sun each day, only me and the bird folk.
The humans are too distracted with the make believe world they live in to see the truth that dangles right before their eyes.

As we begin our transition into the next world age I open my heart to those still sleeping to the glory of our beautiful Mother, to the destruction and pain they cause not only her, but her beloved animal children also.
Can you image the suffering we cause her?
Can you feel her pain?

As I look to my elders, reassurance is given in my meditations that the Light of a new way of being is being downloaded to our ravaged planet, that with the dedication of the band of the nameless ones such as I, who remember our pledge, who remember our unity to All life, who remain dedicated to our quest of reactivating an awakened race, laying down a pathway to a higher world of existence for All, one of full beauty and harmony, tranquillity and joy..............

The Sudden.....

 The sudden appearance of this lone Daisy has brought a dash of sunshine to the garden, not having planted it myself I was particularly happy to see it finally blooming, as I had no idea what it was actually going to look like.
 This miniature Hibiscus has an abundance of buds ready to open, although, I will have to vigilant watching Tarmie and his fly-chasing antics, as if you recall he swallowed a bee at the end of autumn, mistaking it for a fly, and the bees, adore this particular plant.
 Stopping on the way home from work this afternoon to purchase two trellis's as my Star Jasmine has begun to trail its way up the fence, soon the delicate aroma will drift upon the breeze, along with the Orange Jasmine that have already begun to allow their scent to linger as the sun warms their petals. 
 Adding a blushing burst of colour to another corner is this Mandevilla, commonly known as Sun Parasol, a fitting name for such a brightening bouquet.
 All in all the gift of life is flourishing in my little slice of heaven, it is becoming the perfect place to just sit, and become lost in the delicate beauty that radiates around me.
 Grasses swaying, so hypnotic to watch.
 The rustling of leaves as the wind caresses them so relaxing to listen to, all this leads to a truly peaceful way to spend a morning, an afternoon, or, perhaps an entire day.
 I have only one more task yet to do, levelling the paver's underneath my wicker bench, and also sealing my pond so that I can set up the fountain and get a couple of lotus lilies as the finishing touch.
Once that is done my oasis will be complete, and I will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labour, day after day after day.......................

The Living.....

The Living Prophecy of 2012 
Is Calling Us to Awaken
To the Urgency and Preciousness 
of this Moment on Earth

To find our way in these precarious times
we must continue developing our Intuition
our direct connection to the Universal Intelligence
and the Living Earth Force.
Let us hear the voice of the spiritual guidance 
inside our own Ancient Hearts,
leading us moment by moment
to be on time and in sync with our highest path
in Harmony with All our Relations......

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Are Never......

 We are never just observers in life, even in the act of sitting in stillness doing something as simple as watching a butterfly glide through the air, our emotions alter the world, not just our personal world, but the whole of humanity, and the endlessness of the universe.
 With quantum physics and spirituality now merging we have what many required, physical proof that  thoughts are things, emotions too create a whole lot more than most give would give credit to.
As a people we have to return to the language of the heart.
This is the language of peace, of true love, and it is from this returning that humanity will be freed from the disconnection in which it now resides.
My studies have changed over the years from spirituality to that of quantum physics, as each complements the other, they are one in the same. As I have expanded my understanding of how 'things' work around me, through me and most importantly in me, I understand how vital it is to only reside in peace. 
To only think in peace.
To only act in peace.
To be love, and, to allow love to become us, to move through us in every action and thought.
As the molecules and atoms that make up our marvellous bodies and the world around us are not only present in what we are viewing, they are present in whatever we are thinking, be that in the past, present or future, they are wherever our thoughts and emotions are based. 
Visiting places of the past for example within your mind, you have the ability to transform the situation if the one you are thinking of is one of fear/negativity/anger as the molecules of emotion can not tell the difference between past, present and future, therefore we all have the ability to heal and love all aspects of our personal stories and those of the world.
Fear, hatred, blame, resentment, anger, hostility, and all other negative feeling that we are capable of are only keeping us away from that which we desire, love, freedom and peace.
Love has the ability to transcend the restraints of our borrowed bodies, it is ever present, everywhere, always.
With this understood and accepted as truth we all have the knowledge and the power to change the direction of our personal stories, past and present, and also those of the world.
Stay in the presence of peacefulness and love , and you will be doing far more than you can imagine.
Focus of the interconnectedness of the universe and you will be contributing to the healing of this planet and all its inhabitants...........


One Earth
One Time
One People
One Air
One Water
One Heart
One Awakening
One Love.....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With Another.....

 With another storm front blowing in this afternoon the ferocity of the winds were building in their intensity as the weather worsened. 
 Being an adventurer, Tarmie thought that he would join his brother and brave the gusty winds, until that is, the magnitude of the gales strengthened and he ran for cover.  
 First he sought refuge under the grasses near to a very calm and tranquil Spirit, however, that did not last long, it all got too much for him and he shot inside to warmth and safety.

The contrast between Spirit the ex-street cat and Tarmal and Pixie who only have ever ventured out into our little courtyard for the last few months is quite transfixing, everything to them is new and wildly stimulating, each day they view their world with mesmerising attentiveness, with an amused Spirit always close by observing his siblings, properly wondering what on earth they are doing. 
 Once again in the comfort of his fortress he settled down quickly, joining his sister in viewing the storm from a dry  and quieter vantage point................

Consciousness Is.......

Consciousness is an operating system, pretty much like that of a computer system.
To change our life
To something different
We don't change the system
We change what goes into it

To alter reality we alter one thing
The program itself
Which equals beliefs

Beliefs become the (software) beliefware that programs reality
You live what you believe
You belief what you live
Are you ready for a change..................

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Hearts....

Our hearts beat with the rhythm of the universe
Connecting us all with the God- Mind
That flows through all that is
All that ever will be............

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunrise - Bliss (very beautiful)


 After a long relaxing day in the sun
 There is only one thing to do
 Peaceful sleep......

Having Given........

 Having given up on attempting to persuade me to venture out into the brisk morning air Tarmal and Pixie relented and retreated to 'their' room to bask in the morning sunshine as it streamed into the room.
 I so enjoy watching the exchange of love and acceptance with my feline family, the gentle flow of caring flows through of their actions.
Leading me to contemplate the disconnection of many around me................

With The Equinox.....

 With the equinox now passed spring has finally sprung!
 With the garden newly planted just prior to the winter rains I am rather excited to view the colours bursting into our intimate domain.
 There are pinks and reds brightening our tiny slice of heaven.
 Splashes so vibrant that I can only image what it will look like in a few weeks once the growth spurts begin. 
 Even the grasses hold tiny jewels hidden within their lush foliage, minute bursts of purple hiding from view.
This plant I feel is the most exotic, even though it is a native to the area, it's flowers a beacon for the local birds and insects to feast on when the little feline ones are safely contained inside..................

On My Way To Rainbow Lodge........

 On my way to Rainbow Lodge yesterday to have a crystal healing session I found myself holding a dying cat as he made his way home.
 I had the whole day planned, first I was going to take a slow drive up into the foothills and have brunch at my favourite Perth cafe, The Soul Tree, seeing it is quite a journey from where I live it is not a place I go to often, and seeing as Rainbow Lodge was very close to it I thought I would pamper myself. On arrival however, I found it was closed for the day which left me scratching my head as to where to head to next!
Noticing that I had very little fuel I made the decision to go hunting for a service station seeing I had an hour and a half before my appointment.
After filling up I headed further up the hills to Kalamunda, another one of my preferred haunts, I browsed in the quaint shops to fill in the time,dawdling along in the warm spring sunshine, I felt completely at One with everything I was passing, setting off to take a leisurely drive to Rainbow Lodge admiring the loveliness of the hills surrounding me, this feeling continued.
Turning onto a road I noticed that the man in front of me was driving like a manic, too fast for the winding country lane we were on, suddenly out of nowhere a tiny black cat appeared, and of course was hit by the man in front of me.
He sped off not even concerned for the injured cat, without thinking I was out of the car and cradling the dying cat in my arms.
As I held on to this sweet innocent being I noticed a house nearby and began to walk towards it, seeing this the man who hit the cat stopped and turned around.
Getting out of his car he was more concerned about the blood covering my clothes than what he had done, he kept repeating you have blood on you, you have blood on you.
As I entered the driveway the owner appeared, having heard all the commotion he had come to investigate what was occurring.
Unfortunately the injured cat was not his, although he thought he may belong to one of his neighbours.
It was at this time however that I felt a lightening of the little cat, looking down at him I realised he had  just passed, and as I rocked him and stroked his fur the driver of the car said, "you might as well just throw it in the rubbish bin!"
I turned and looked at him in disbelief, not only of his callousness, but of the lack of any sort of emotion.
In the end it was decided that the little cat would be buried, returned to his Earth Mother.

Driving away I was overwhelmed with love for this little cat, and for the honour of holding him as he left this world to journey across the Rainbow bridge, to a place of warmth and never ending love.
The presence of synchronicity was astonishing, it was so apparent that I was meant to be there, not just for the little black cat, but also for the driver of the car, for he was completely bewildered as to why I wept for a cat, why I openly expressed my love for the little body I held.
As opened myself to the moments as they occurred around me and I realized that I was divinely surrounded, I felt an enormousness wave of love sweep through me throughout the whole scenario.

Death is an illusion, one that creates much fear for many people, not knowing that their loved ones, be they human or animal folk, never leave them at all, they simply walk into another realm, to be in peace and grounded in the presence of love makes this transition such a beautiful experience...................