Monday, August 29, 2011

There Was Something......

 There was something in the air tonight, a supernatural atmosphere seemed to descend upon us, a mysterious unearthly feeling.

 Spirit seemed to pick up on the change of energy and took to the garage roof for a better vantage point to view the action, although when he started to meow, I knew yet again, he had forgotten the way down.
 Heading for the gate I thought he had remembered and settled back in the sun to sky watch, loosing myself in the surreal display above me.

My concentration was broken however with Tarmal's sudden cries, gazing upward he was watching Spirit still attempting to get down.
Having never been outside of his garden playpen I did wonder what he makes of his big brother prancing along high overhead, bless his little heart his face was a picture indeed.
 Spirit meantime had decided that he would attempt to jump onto the boundary fence, having tried this once before I knew what would happen and tried to capture an action shot.
 I knew he could not land on the fence as it is not wide enough.
 If you look closely you can just see the tip of his tail as he headed towards a very hard and undignified landing on the other side.
At least no one was there to see it though, or more to the point laugh.
 With all the commotion over and Tarmie reassured that all was well I returned my attention to the heavens, watching our Creator's outstanding composition unfold above me...............


Matteo Taffuri said...

I love your Spirit!
have a nice day

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I say you are right Gemel, sky watching is the most amazing thing when the cloud activity is as above, and as for your pussy cats, they are adorable and I can't see enough pictures of them.

Craig said...

Wonderful cloud formations. And the fabrics on the line enhance the clouds and sky beautifully!

Mo said...

oops hope it was only his pride that was hurt

Gemel said...

Thankfully Mo, just his pride.