Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back At Home.......

 Back at home enjoying the last of the days warmth I sat and watched the joyfulness of my feline companions.
 Making a beeline for the back door when they heard my key turning in the lock, they wasted no time in scurrying out into the fresh air.
 There is so much to explore out here in their personal playground, each day sees them viewing the garden a little different than they did the day before.
 Always watching for the gliding butterflies that come to frequent our little wonderland, Pixie keeps a keen eye scanning for movement.
 Tarmie however has taken to examining the plants, maybe he is getting green paws?
 Even Spirit gets in on the act, rolling around and playing like a kitten again, it really is such a delight to see them enjoying their lives so much.
 But of course all that playing takes it's toll.
 And soon one has to retreat into the warmth of the house.
 Snuggling down in the sun.
 For an afternoon siesta.
 As for me, well, I have had a simply divine day, a day spent infusing myself to all I encountered, feeling the deep pulsations of love from our Earth Mother oozing into my soul, leaving me feeling utterly contented...........


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You look very content.

Cats are such a hoot.

Craig said...

You're cats look SO happy and contented Gemel! And why shouldn't they? They appear to have a lovely life.

Gemel said...

Thanks guys :)