Sunday, August 28, 2011

And Last.......

 And last but not least we reach our final destination for today.
All Saints Church Upper Swan.
 This quaint little church was built at the furtherest point that Captain James Stirling reached when sailing up the Swan River in 1829.
I wanted to follow the path down to the river but sadly they have no paths leading down.
 It was very peaceful here, which I thoroughly enjoyed, rustling leaves, again lots of birds happily chirping away, but hidden within the foliage.

 A tranquil spot to sit and allow the world to pass by.
 And at last a bird, a parrot, I believe the locals call them twenty eights, because they sound like they are saying twenty eight when they are calling out.
They are also known as Australian Ringneck Parrots, they are really very colourful birds, sadly though my shot did not capture the brilliance of the feathers, maybe next time!
 Then I spotted this little chap, which is an Australian Magpie, they have the most delightful song, so enchanting I could listen to it for hours.

And that is it for today, it is time to return to my little retreat and furry companions to spend the rest of the day enjoying the sun in stillness........

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