Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Vibrancy...........

 The vibrancy of the wilderness visited me briefly this morning with a respite from the raging storms of last night. 
Laying back and raising my feet to the sun I felt as if  freedom had overpowered me, snaking its way into my heart. 
Remembering what had been highlighted to me in my recent journey had changed me, the magnitude of my intimate conversion was emphasised in the simplicity of this moment, nothing was as it was before due to the enormous shifts within that had awoken me on such a innate level.
Yet to all those around me I appeared as I was, on the surface for those unable to feel with their hearts, nothing seemed to have altered. 
Adjusting to the former rhythm of my life I can see will be difficult, as no aspect of this reality is actually absolute, it is all an illusion, a wonderful kaleidoscope of energy manifest into matter, showing me my inner world radiating back to me in the scenarios and relationships that shroud me. 
Each and every encounter we have is a direct reflection of our own inner truth, it appears that now, I have absolved myself and that it is time for more imminent changes.
The need for stillness is overwhelming, the constant pardon from 'life' crucial. 
Without calmness there is nothing else.
Coming back to the moronic chaos of the western world was easier than I anticipated, as within me the presence of the mountains and the sacred tree resides, allowing me to feel their supreme companionship dwelling in my heart...............

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