Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Allowing my heart to direct my reality had me cancelling all plans,

 and spending the weekend at home.

 When the sun blessed me with it's presence in between showers I took the opportunity to sit in my garden, 
 just resting in my own tiny paradise.
 Enjoying having me home, Tarmie and Pixie relished the freedom of frolicking outside once again.
 Being the first time that they have ventured outside after rain it was enchanting to observe them as they tiptoed delicately across the wet garden.
So many new smells, everything enhanced by the thundery showers.
 Puddles glistening in the soft winter sun induced a sense of heavy relaxation.

My body merging into the scene, too pleasurable to move.
 Being at peace,
 quietly attuning to the adjustments within was all I was capable of.
 Seeing that amongst the bedlam of suburbia I had created my own tiny tropical retreat, which given my metamorphosis in Bali, had me smirking.
 How amusing it was, to find the same monumental connection, 
 in suburbia.
 Enlightenment comes to us in many different ways, for me it comes in this common little garden in an ordinary suburb, for it was here that I realised with absolute clarity, that what I had sought.
Was indeed found............

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holdingmoments said...

That looks like a paradise to me :-)