Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sitting In....

Sitting in the warmth of my bed, listening to the glorious sound of rain as it patters against the roof. As the showers subside the tranquil tones of trickling droplets take me on a journey of peaceful retreat.
Such a blissful feeling to be tucked up in bed, warm and cosy whilst outside the heavens nurture the parched earth with its soothing nectar.
After months of drought, with the promise of rain teasing us for so long, at last the rains begin.
Puddles to splash in, umbrellas to duck under, afternoons spent sitting with a steamy mug of hot chocolate watching the rain fall.
Such a beautiful season for me winter, my favourite by far, I find the melodies of rain calming, nourishing to my soul. Walking in the rain, feeling its exquisite vitality merge with my own life-force, the thunderous pounding of a stormy sea, a lone walk along the beach, the wind whipping around me, my face wet from the heavenly cloudburst, a closer moment to heaven I doubt there is, it is here I feel at home with God............

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