Monday, May 30, 2011

A Moment of Wonder.....

A moment of wonder rendered me speechless as I sat eating an apple this morning.
In this day and age of disconnection, where food is pre-packaged and added with flavour enhancers and additives there are few foods which are still natural when they meet our hands.
Sitting in the warmth of my car savouring the feel of the apple within my hand took me on an luxurious journey of profound realisation, of seeing a miracle nestling softly upon my skin.
Once it was a delicate blossom adorning a tree in the countryside, as the sun warmed its petals the delicate fragrance dispersed rising in the balmy air.
Slowly it grew, each day it shifted and changed until it began to take shape. Unhurriedly a tiny apple formed, its shade deepening with every rising of the sun, the lush flesh ripening, its juicy bounty glistening, pleading to be harvested.
Between the beautiful blossom tree to my hand many others have touched this gift of perfection.
Yet, how many actually saw this rare and priceless treasure, did they gaze as I did at the magnificent beauty that touched their hand? did they stop to smell the tempting fragrance of it's gift?
Did they see the miracle of life........


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love how aware of things you are.

Nancy said...

Beautiful! I loved the reverence you felt for this beautiful apple. I have taken to giving thanks to my water before I drink it -