Sunday, May 29, 2011

Joy Comes......

Joy comes from attaining happiness from the simple things in life.
Simplicity is the key.
Hours spent in shopping malls collecting 'goodies' may lure you into a false sense of jubilation, however, it is not lasting, nor, is it real.
You may find joy in food, or other stimulants, yet if you sit and feel with your heart, these things you will find are empty, without nourishment for your heart, your soul.
Having the honour of sharing my journey with three feline companions gives me a holistic and untainted view of joy, of the contentment of just being.
Few words are spoken within our home, we communicate within the heart, through unspoken language that transcends all relationships.
As many of us have turned into human 'doings' rather than humans being, the art of God connection has been lost.
None of us walk alone, not in the true sense of the word, yet, there are millions walking aimlessly around searching for meaning in a world governed on chaos, a world where we are kept chained to the barren world of consumerism, a world where many reside in unbalanced relationships for fear of being alone, unless the pull of truth is strong enough to take you home.
To a place where you see through the veil of deception.
Joy costs nothing.
It comes in the plain quiet moments of blissful peace.
Every morning I witness the joy of three furry people ecstatic at my waking, this highlights the truth to me on a daily basis.
So simple
Utterly joyful truth
This level of loving awareness can not be bought, it is not found in a new outfit or meal in a swanky restaurant, in any material possession or ego based desire.
It comes from seeing with the heart and feeling with every essence of your soul..........


Anonymous said...

I love the joy of connecting and feeling the connection of a group or pride that shares openly as the moment arises. Cats are especially wonderful at this.

I haven't had a cat to play with for a while. But I suppose I have become a cat at heart with my honest exposure to them.

luksky said...

So true...