Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heading Down....

Heading down to the waterfront in the quiet of the afternoon.
The rush of the lunch hour gone, the crowds dispersed.
Finding a place to sit, where I can view the water is all I seek.
The trappings of 'wealth' surround the marina, yet the allure to me is the water, nothing has more wealth to me than the gift of life.
The endless twinkling as the sun catches the bobbing currents as the watery wonderland stretches out before me.
Lost, staring into the shimmering vision I feel connected, my intrinsic kinship
to source subduing me, taking me home.
In the solitude of my own solo bonding with God I do not feel companionless, I feel buoyant, seen.
As I watch others prancing past in the endless quest to impress and belong I wonder at the emptiness of many human lives.
Impressed by the falsities that dangle before them in a tantalising array of wants and needs, of status and ownership, proving to the world their worth, a world that to me is empty, void......
It is not what you have that makes you whole, it is what resides within your heart.
It is finding joyfulness in the simple things, in being content in your aloneness to sit with dignity in world that ridicules the single person who searches for a true connection, pitying them with looks of sympathy as they do not understand the depth of your crusade...........

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