Monday, May 30, 2011

A Moment of Wonder.....

A moment of wonder rendered me speechless as I sat eating an apple this morning.
In this day and age of disconnection, where food is pre-packaged and added with flavour enhancers and additives there are few foods which are still natural when they meet our hands.
Sitting in the warmth of my car savouring the feel of the apple within my hand took me on an luxurious journey of profound realisation, of seeing a miracle nestling softly upon my skin.
Once it was a delicate blossom adorning a tree in the countryside, as the sun warmed its petals the delicate fragrance dispersed rising in the balmy air.
Slowly it grew, each day it shifted and changed until it began to take shape. Unhurriedly a tiny apple formed, its shade deepening with every rising of the sun, the lush flesh ripening, its juicy bounty glistening, pleading to be harvested.
Between the beautiful blossom tree to my hand many others have touched this gift of perfection.
Yet, how many actually saw this rare and priceless treasure, did they gaze as I did at the magnificent beauty that touched their hand? did they stop to smell the tempting fragrance of it's gift?
Did they see the miracle of life........

Sunday, May 29, 2011

There Is Only One....

There is only one love

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Joy Comes......

Joy comes from attaining happiness from the simple things in life.
Simplicity is the key.
Hours spent in shopping malls collecting 'goodies' may lure you into a false sense of jubilation, however, it is not lasting, nor, is it real.
You may find joy in food, or other stimulants, yet if you sit and feel with your heart, these things you will find are empty, without nourishment for your heart, your soul.
Having the honour of sharing my journey with three feline companions gives me a holistic and untainted view of joy, of the contentment of just being.
Few words are spoken within our home, we communicate within the heart, through unspoken language that transcends all relationships.
As many of us have turned into human 'doings' rather than humans being, the art of God connection has been lost.
None of us walk alone, not in the true sense of the word, yet, there are millions walking aimlessly around searching for meaning in a world governed on chaos, a world where we are kept chained to the barren world of consumerism, a world where many reside in unbalanced relationships for fear of being alone, unless the pull of truth is strong enough to take you home.
To a place where you see through the veil of deception.
Joy costs nothing.
It comes in the plain quiet moments of blissful peace.
Every morning I witness the joy of three furry people ecstatic at my waking, this highlights the truth to me on a daily basis.
So simple
Utterly joyful truth
This level of loving awareness can not be bought, it is not found in a new outfit or meal in a swanky restaurant, in any material possession or ego based desire.
It comes from seeing with the heart and feeling with every essence of your soul..........

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Would........

What would happen if we all chose peace.........

What A Day.......

What a day.
Can it get any better?
Fresh catnip, and a box.
Pixie come look, there's a new bed.
Like children my furry babies love nothing more than to play with empty boxes, clothes hanging on the airer, bits of wool, they see pleasure in simplicity.
Watching their gratitude when a fascinating new toy appears in their world is enchanting.
It makes me see how many humans are still lost in the numb world of doing, filled with heaviness this weight brings.
Finding peace in watching the innocence of frisky delight in my feline family maintains my sense of self, as they offer me endless avenues to view the interconnectedness of myself...........

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soft Autumn Light......

Soft autumn light cascades down upon me, the mellow rays illuminating the garden in a lavish shower of shimmering calmness.
Scattered clouds meander across the sky, floating seductively, silently they dance, merging into one, drifting endlessly disappearing into nothingness.
Gazing into the heavens, the ambient aura of the celestial paradise drawing me closer, drifting, up.....up......up...................

Yippee Catnip...

Yippee Catnip refills for our toys.
Is there anything closer to heaven than fresh catnip?
Nope, this is about as close to God as a kitten-cat can get.
Life viewed by an easy to please cat can entertain me for hours, we could all learn a thing or two from my Tarmie.
Endless joy, totally absorbed by his games, until that is, he realises that someone else is after his toy.............

Cat Adopts Rabbit

The Simplicity....

The simplicity of being brings untold peace and bliss
Seeing love
Feeling love
Being love.......

Monday, May 23, 2011

If You......

If you cling to resentment and anger
hold grievances within your heart
have not found love.......

Sunday, May 22, 2011

God Is.......

God is everywhere
In every image that appears before your eyes
In the 'perfect' and the not so perfect
God resides within it all.................

Buddha Bar VI - Baul Dimension - Bangla Soul

Australian Magpie singing

Magpie Singing


Curiosity as to the purpose of the Bali bowl provides many moments of fun and games for the cats.
A perfect vantage point to stalk her brothers.
A secluded place for a spot of grooming.
But oh goodness, what is this?
Honestly, you turn around for a few seconds and look what happens.
It appears that the sealing of the bowl has been successful, I can now finish the last segment of the back garden, finding the final resting place for the bowl and then completing the planting.
I wonder what the cats will make of this when I install the fountain in it, giving them another little treasure to explore and play with I expect.
For me though the soft trickle of the falling water will deepen the already relaxing feel of the garden, my own tiny secluded hideaway..................

Okay, I Give Up....

Okay, I give up!
How does she open this door............

Lounging Snugly.....

Lounging snugly watching the rain fall, the sky heavy, full with its splendid blessings, the sodden spectacle long awaited, anticipated for the nourishing cleansing it bestows.
Wind blowing, trickling droplets tracing their way down the glass, moments of silent jubilation as I watch, unspeaking.
The parched earth relishing the breaking of the drought, the promise of rain had lingered above us for many months, teasingly floating by, until at last the bounty descended.
Beholding the scene with a gleeful heart, listening to the glorious patter on the rain spattered windows, the rushing torrents as tiny rivers make their way to the drains, hearing the birdsong in honour of this offering, seeing God in all....................

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gabriel Fauré (1845-1924) Requiem, n°5 "Agnus Dei"

The Illusion......

The illusion of 'life'
Keeps us from
The Loving Light of God
We are not
What we
'think' we are........

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Breath of Life


Above all else
I want to see.........

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Greeting the birthing of a new day I saunter in the dewiness of the early morn.
The air fresh, cleansed from the rainstorm that broke the hushed stillness of the night.
Tranquillity spreads out before me, the muzzled pollution of society's noise lays behind me in the prison of civilisation, here I view perfection, flawless beauty void of damage.
No one captures a moment of rapture like The Creator, the limitless originality of his beauty eclipsed by none.
His loving welcome hidden in the eyes of innocence, his embrace transcending human understanding.....................

It Waits.....

It waits, nestled in the lush gardens that surround it, my retreat.
After thinking that I may have to postpone due to a family members battle with cancer I was not sure if I would make it to the Island of the Gods to spend nine days here in paradise.
My soul requires time to search for signs, to just Be in peace.
I can almost hear the meandering brook as it dances its way through the lush greenness of the foliage, I can almost smell the aromas carried forth on the humid breeze as the sun rises higher in the sky...............

These Boots....

These boots are made for
Walking and warming and adding brightness to a cloudy winter day.........

I need you Lyrics

Heading Down....

Heading down to the waterfront in the quiet of the afternoon.
The rush of the lunch hour gone, the crowds dispersed.
Finding a place to sit, where I can view the water is all I seek.
The trappings of 'wealth' surround the marina, yet the allure to me is the water, nothing has more wealth to me than the gift of life.
The endless twinkling as the sun catches the bobbing currents as the watery wonderland stretches out before me.
Lost, staring into the shimmering vision I feel connected, my intrinsic kinship
to source subduing me, taking me home.
In the solitude of my own solo bonding with God I do not feel companionless, I feel buoyant, seen.
As I watch others prancing past in the endless quest to impress and belong I wonder at the emptiness of many human lives.
Impressed by the falsities that dangle before them in a tantalising array of wants and needs, of status and ownership, proving to the world their worth, a world that to me is empty, void......
It is not what you have that makes you whole, it is what resides within your heart.
It is finding joyfulness in the simple things, in being content in your aloneness to sit with dignity in world that ridicules the single person who searches for a true connection, pitying them with looks of sympathy as they do not understand the depth of your crusade...........

Sitting In....

Sitting in the warmth of my bed, listening to the glorious sound of rain as it patters against the roof. As the showers subside the tranquil tones of trickling droplets take me on a journey of peaceful retreat.
Such a blissful feeling to be tucked up in bed, warm and cosy whilst outside the heavens nurture the parched earth with its soothing nectar.
After months of drought, with the promise of rain teasing us for so long, at last the rains begin.
Puddles to splash in, umbrellas to duck under, afternoons spent sitting with a steamy mug of hot chocolate watching the rain fall.
Such a beautiful season for me winter, my favourite by far, I find the melodies of rain calming, nourishing to my soul. Walking in the rain, feeling its exquisite vitality merge with my own life-force, the thunderous pounding of a stormy sea, a lone walk along the beach, the wind whipping around me, my face wet from the heavenly cloudburst, a closer moment to heaven I doubt there is, it is here I feel at home with God............

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lurking Beneath......

Lurking beneath the shady fronds of the palms as they sway gently in the breeze lay irresistible treasures.
Stalking slowly, barely moving a muscle, softly, silently she moves.
At last, victory, the search over.
Stamping on her prize with her paw, just in case it attempts a quick get away.
Spent hibiscus flowers become prized trophies for Pixie, hours of stalking followed by joyful chases and acrobatics amuse her to such a degree that all else fades into the background.
Flowers who have shared their radiant beauty, fallen waiting to return to the earth captivate and bewitch my tiny ginger cat, who sees them as much more than I......