Monday, April 25, 2011

Spirit Has.............

Spirit has, during our time together done a number of humorous things, however, his latest escapade left me in fits of laughter.
He has this habit you see of disappearing just before it gets dark every now and then, and, I have always wondered what it is he gets up to on his nightly wanderings.
Yesterday I asked one of my neighbours to assist me in banging a stake into the ground as I was having a trouble doing so myself, anyway I digress. In the course of the conversation it became known that 'the black cat' was mine.
The man started smirking and then began to relay the tale.
His daughter woke up one morning with her cat snuggled next to her head, purring away in contentment in the wee small hours, until, all of a sudden it jumped up hissing and growling uncontrollably.
As she reached for the light to see what on earth was the matter with her pet, she jumps in surprise herself.
There sitting like he owned the place at the end of her bed was the one and only Spirit cat.
Needless to say I was unable to control my laughing, I know that Spirit seems to think that he owns my place, but this was just hilarious.
When he comes back after his nocturnal jaunts he is always exhausted, if this story is anything to go by, I don't think I really want to know what else he gets up to...............

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