Sunday, April 24, 2011


Reflections of myself are not just in the looking glass before me, they display themselves in various ways, extending my inner state for all who wish to view me, naked and vulnerable to all with an understanding of this private and mute expression.
As I strolled along the darken roads this morning, this aspect of humanity was ever so apparent, in the countless houses that I passed in the empty streets I was overcome by the large number of neglected houses, gardens dying from lack of nurture and love. As I passed I was overwhelmed with the enormous volume of neglect before me.
It is not about the 'ownership' of the residence, it is about honouring the God in All things, from the house we reside in, to the body that our soul dwells within, it is all God made manifest, therefore, to me, neglect of these aspects, exhibits our inner state to all who are astute enough to see the truth.
In a world where image is everything, some are only interested in the superficial body image, forgetting that all connected to them tells a tale of their internal world, not seeing that to live surrounded by ruin and untidiness speaks loudly about the inner state of ones soul.
As I nurture my own piece of The Creator I am blossoming within, shedding and reshaping myself.
Life gives me lessons in simplistic portraits, visual messages that guide me towards my tomorrows...............

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