Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Pleasing............

A pleasing feeling it was to end the day with the near completion of the front garden.
Finishing touches that have added a warmth to front elevation, that vibrates out to meet me.
The summer heat was relentless as I dug through the layers of hard limestone rock with each hole needed, yet, an inner determination was running rampant within me, focusing on the new life energy that would surround my abode urged me on.
Choosing the plants is always an experience that I enjoy, as I allow the plants to speak to me, interestingly enough I had envisaged a cottage garden, yet, the plants that spoke where not fitting with that style.
Three standard hibiscus and grasses twinkled with light as I meandered around numerous nurseries, joined by miniature magnolias, five birds of paradise, a palm and a frangipani tree completed my purchases.
Finally all planted surrounded by sugar cane mulch to keep the moisture locked in I stood back and welcomed my new companions, a day well spent in God....................

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I recognise this!!!