Monday, April 04, 2011

My Inner

My inner silence broken only by the blustery wind as it tousled my hair, whipping it around my face in a frantic urgent dance.
The chill carried in upon the winds embrace a welcome reprieve from the endless summer heat.
My only company a lone pelican strolling across the damp sand, perhaps also enjoying the pristine flawlessness of the dawn.
As the sky began to lighten with the pastel hues of dawn I surrendered into my self deeper and deeper into the pulsating rhythm of the earth, allowing the tones of her wisdom to entwine with me.
Leaving I felt awaken and connected as I tiptoed across the damp grass, around me the world was rousing, slowly waking to the freshness of a new day...............

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Mandi said...

love you and the photos....