Tuesday, April 05, 2011

In A State Of..............

In a state of heighten awareness I experienced my afternoon, ambling slowly along the waters edge, seeing and feeling in a totally new way.
WOW moments are occurring around us every second, and the most profound WOW moments are literally the most simple.
My afternoon walks always take me along the local dog beach, and it is here that I see happiness and love in motion each time I wander along this area of the seaside.
Watching the dogs smiling is an utterly transporting experience, seeing the absolute love that pulsates like a beacon from each furry person that passes me enlivens me, their unrestricted joy so contagious, yet still along side them their grumpy humans plod.
The dogs though, they see me, they know that I am seeing more than the other humans that share these moments with us.
Each step I take I feel every cell in my body acknowledge contact with the sand, I feel my ligaments extend and contract, my bones flexing, my skins contact as my feet disappear into the softness beneath them.
Then comes the water, as another wave crashes upon the shore water slamming down and gushing towards me, as it touches me I stop, catching my breath, as it feels like God has just hugged my ankles, fusing his divine energy through the pores of my skin, travelling throughout my body within seconds, the euphoria felt nearly unbearable to my mortal body.
The golden orbs of twinkling sunlight glistened across the water, calling me to shed my clothes and cleanse my soul. As I dived beneath the waves I entered another world, lifting me, weightless, carried across the current in silence, towards the arms of love, to God............

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