Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bringing The Outside In........

Bringing the outside in
The inside out!
As the back doors open to allow my feline companions to explore their new tropical paradise I felt that the energy of the home had extended into this garden room, with careful selections of suitable sitting areas I will be able to enhance the feelings that are already flowing here.
My love of the colour orange has enhanced this vibration, as I instinctively chose several plants with orange blooms.
With the splashes of orange within the home, and the scattering of plants throughout the house, it really does appear that the inside and the outside merge.
With the weather finally cooling which is coinciding with the completion of the garden we will have ample time to enjoy the peacefulness of our leafy retreat.
Resting upon cushions as I witness the cats exploring the array of smells that captivates them is mellowing way to end my day, silently observing happiness surround me........

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