Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

As The Last.....

As the last plant was laid to rest in the front garden this evening I felt content with the effect I have achieved.
Nothing like my original plan, although I must admit, it is far more enchanting than the vision I had.
With a native hibiscus and an array of ornamental grasses along the front wall I will have height, various colours and much needed shade for the front of the house in the hot summer months.
I love this particular hibiscus as it has big heart shaped leaves, with vibrant yellow flowers for most of the year.
Closer to the house, with my stepping stones in place, mini grasses in between each one to add movement and life.
Once the standard hibiscus begin to thicken out a little more they will add privacy to the front rooms, not to mention a place for butterflies and birds.
Bringing life to my humble abode.
It has been a lot of heavy hard work, and I have to admit that some weekends the thought of going out to begin was not something I relished, especially as some of the holes required needed to be deep.
But, it was all worth it, every last shovel full, the jarring of my bones when another rock was found forgotten, as now I have the life I craved so much, gone is the sandy desert that had once surrounded me, now I have life, with its vital life force energy merging with my own bringing me endless joy..............

Another afternoon....

Another afternoon of planting has seen me left with only one more section of the back garden to be completed, this time though, the ground was more forgiving, my shovel meeting no more resistance as hidden rocks presented themselves to me, making my previous progress slow, and physically depleting.
I now have the sealing of the pond to attend to, and then decide where it is I wish it to reside. I have decided on placing a wicker bench in amongst the garden, eventually when the foliage has grown it will be a place to sit snuggled within a canopy of green, to sit as the scents of orange jasmine, magnolias and frangipanis float upon the breeze, beginning a transporting journey, trickling droplets of water in the pond compose a calming tune, as the gentle droning of the bees stills you further, allowing you to drift off into an altered state of deep relaxation.
A place of peace.
A place to lounge on cushions scattered in the sun, laying as the warm rays envelop you, lazily reclining, drifting off into peaceful slumber.
As the days pass by the garden will expand, the plants adjusting to their new abode, stretching their roots deep into the earth, bonding deep into her nurturing embrace.
Sitting in the dazzling sun I rested, feeling a presence surround me, joining me in mute communion as I linked myself to the new life flourishing around me and the vision I hold in my heart................

Like A Lullaby.......

Like a lullaby its soothing song serenades me, the gentle melody of its voice hypnotic
In a walking daydream I meander, slowly, musing over every aspect of life around me.
Glistening sands massaging my feet as I walk.
Salty water thrashing upon my skin purifying and refreshing, anointing me as One with God.
My temple is the world
My bible its elements
For my God Is All.............

I've Had The Snip.......

I've had the snip!
After years of having a similar hair style for some reason I decided to have it all cut off.
Some say that when a woman changes her hair there is more afoot than a new hair style.
I am shedding more than hair of late that is true.
Many things have disappeared into the mists of memories, twirling away into the distance.
Perhaps there truly is a new path emerging, and a new look me may just enhance this phase.
Whatever it was that prompted me to do so is irrelevant, and whether I keep this new quirkier look remains to be seen, as does what still waits ahead yet unwritten.........

Spirit Has.............

Spirit has, during our time together done a number of humorous things, however, his latest escapade left me in fits of laughter.
He has this habit you see of disappearing just before it gets dark every now and then, and, I have always wondered what it is he gets up to on his nightly wanderings.
Yesterday I asked one of my neighbours to assist me in banging a stake into the ground as I was having a trouble doing so myself, anyway I digress. In the course of the conversation it became known that 'the black cat' was mine.
The man started smirking and then began to relay the tale.
His daughter woke up one morning with her cat snuggled next to her head, purring away in contentment in the wee small hours, until, all of a sudden it jumped up hissing and growling uncontrollably.
As she reached for the light to see what on earth was the matter with her pet, she jumps in surprise herself.
There sitting like he owned the place at the end of her bed was the one and only Spirit cat.
Needless to say I was unable to control my laughing, I know that Spirit seems to think that he owns my place, but this was just hilarious.
When he comes back after his nocturnal jaunts he is always exhausted, if this story is anything to go by, I don't think I really want to know what else he gets up to...............

Wonderful Asian Chill out music

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Reflections of myself are not just in the looking glass before me, they display themselves in various ways, extending my inner state for all who wish to view me, naked and vulnerable to all with an understanding of this private and mute expression.
As I strolled along the darken roads this morning, this aspect of humanity was ever so apparent, in the countless houses that I passed in the empty streets I was overcome by the large number of neglected houses, gardens dying from lack of nurture and love. As I passed I was overwhelmed with the enormous volume of neglect before me.
It is not about the 'ownership' of the residence, it is about honouring the God in All things, from the house we reside in, to the body that our soul dwells within, it is all God made manifest, therefore, to me, neglect of these aspects, exhibits our inner state to all who are astute enough to see the truth.
In a world where image is everything, some are only interested in the superficial body image, forgetting that all connected to them tells a tale of their internal world, not seeing that to live surrounded by ruin and untidiness speaks loudly about the inner state of ones soul.
As I nurture my own piece of The Creator I am blossoming within, shedding and reshaping myself.
Life gives me lessons in simplistic portraits, visual messages that guide me towards my tomorrows...............

Light Softly.....

Light softly brings the earth to life, a new day dawning as mellow shades of golds and pinks dance across the sky.
In the quietude I relish the intimacy of life, as around me the birds begin their choral greetings to the rising sun, their songs penetrating within the very essence of my being, moving my heart, filling me with joy.
In contrast to the empty society that bustles around me, it is here in the solitude of aloneness that I am at peace, pure, at one.
With a rare excursion into a shopping mall yesterday I found that as I wandered into the frantic world that surrounded me I felt oppressed, completely squashed by the mindlessness of it all. Looking at those around me I felt invisible, disconnected from all of it, an observer of a strange species that I no longer feel apart of.
The more time I spend on my own only pushes me further away, no longer drawn into the pointlessness of what modern society attempts to lure me with, I wander alone in a contented state of acceptance, of knowing this is how it is to be me.
Society marks people like me, those living a solitary life as unfortunate people, sad souls who need pity, as it appears to the masses that we are not loved, yet, it is in the solitary moments that I find a love so powerful that I am unable to extend the heartfelt gift that is bestowed upon me. Mine is a path of awakening, one that has taken me away from what is deemed 'normal', a path that leads me deeper into the mysteries of our Creator, and, further away from the trapping of what modern human life has begun to mean.
As I create my own haven away from the waking world I am drawn to be here, in the stillness, joyfully expanding myself into the love of God, realising that even through the simplistic act of stroking my cats I am connecting with another aspect of myself.................

Monday, April 18, 2011

A Flash Of White...........

A flash of white tears around the garden in blissful abandon.
Playfully enticing Pixie to join the fun of being outside.
Dashing from one corner to another, chanting, lets play.
And run
Being free............

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Is.............

Home is under the sky
Being a part of all the surrounds me
Feeling the connectedness of Creation whilst doing nothing simpler than walking, flowing into the power of its purity, awareness is all that is required, no books, no churches, no regimented practices, no teachers, no gurus.
I need none of these to prove myself to God.
It is known, it is seen, it Is.................

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Every now
A then..........

Saturday, April 09, 2011


Exploring the wonders of her outside haven Pixie is becoming a little less skittish.
This house has seen a more relaxed and trusting Pixie merging slowly from her former frantic ways, allowing a loving, more balanced little cat to emerge.
So much to see, sounds and aromas that bombard her from everywhere.
Innocence bubbles from her as her inquisitiveness prompts her to discover all she can as she tiptoes around the garden.
Suddenly her world has taken on a new perspective, nothing is as it was before, now each day presents her with a freshness that has changed her completely, opening her to the power of Now.........

Billowy Clouds......

Billowy clouds hoovering overhead, the promise of rain tantalising the parched land, autumn has appeared to have made its way at last to end the ferocity of the harsh summer heat.
The days shortening, calling for cosy nights settled in front of a fire snuggling with a book.
Relishing in the delight of the darken hues that faintly illuminate my home entraps my attention, leading me into an inner realm wordless beauty............

Bringing The Outside In........

Bringing the outside in
The inside out!
As the back doors open to allow my feline companions to explore their new tropical paradise I felt that the energy of the home had extended into this garden room, with careful selections of suitable sitting areas I will be able to enhance the feelings that are already flowing here.
My love of the colour orange has enhanced this vibration, as I instinctively chose several plants with orange blooms.
With the splashes of orange within the home, and the scattering of plants throughout the house, it really does appear that the inside and the outside merge.
With the weather finally cooling which is coinciding with the completion of the garden we will have ample time to enjoy the peacefulness of our leafy retreat.
Resting upon cushions as I witness the cats exploring the array of smells that captivates them is mellowing way to end my day, silently observing happiness surround me........

Friday, April 08, 2011

I Need......

I need do nothing
Faith in Love is the only requirement.................

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Not Being One To........

Not being one to give up, Tarmal eventually was able to snuggle down in his favourite afternoon slumbering spot.
The face of contentment, I have to admire his dedication, once a goal is set there is no stopping Tarmal in his quests.
Keeping a watchful eye on Pixie as she stalked around the room, not happy with her eviction from her bed, Tarmal will not have the luxury of uninterrupted sleep.
However the look was enough, Pixie sat on the periphery knowing that he would not be moved..........

Minding Her Own.......

Minding her own business enjoying a quiet moment Pixie was rudely awaken by a mischievous Tarmal who thought it was his turn for this particular bed.
After an initial swipe at his head Missy took a more subdued approach at telling Tarmal to go away by gently pushing his chest.
Until she realised that a firmer approach was required!
For the last time, I am not moving.............