Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Listening and watching the unfolding of sorrow taking place around me, in this pain I find peace, serene in the mists of denial and grief, of loss.
As others around me falter as they fear the loss of a loved one, I watch, silently honoured to be here, to assist.
Times of change come to us differently, and now, as I watch, as I listen I too am changing.
God experiences through each of us on this planet, and no two humans walk this earth the same, even the same soul in different carnations, each path is different, yet, we are all collectively joined.
Many fear death as an ending, a black void that stretches out across infinity, floating away to the abyss of nothingness. Yet, to me, death is a returning, it is a homecoming, something to be celebrated joyously as the soul returns to the realms of love, how we choose to make this journey again is as individual as each of us, yet, every passing is sacred, no matter what story was written by the individual.
Life is teaching me in its secret whispers, allowing me to be present and still, no matter what is occurring around me, within my immediate circle, in the presence of death.
Stillness leads me back to truth in every situation that highlights its presence around me, I know with complete clarity that it is all such a wonderful illusion, and, we are All, a tiny piece of God................

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jo Manji - Beyond The Sunset


Realising that whatever happens to us is of our own creation, is often the most difficult challenge to overcome, there are no mistakes, all happens as we direct.
Good, bad or indifferent, nothing happens by chance, we pen our stories with complete freedom, right down to the most minute details.
Facing this truth when things go 'wrong' usually sees us pointing the finger at others, or, circumstances that we feel worked against us, however, that is not the case.
In this time of cleansing and monumental changes it is easy to blame God, or others for the destruction and chaos running rampant around the planet, and of the horrors that are occurring to others in their life stories, yet we all choose our path prior to incarnating on the planet, we know all that we wish to experience to propel our unfolding, yet, not all of us recall this whilst being human.
It is easy to get caught up in the negativity that is spreading through the world like a cancerous tumour, although to do so imprints blackness within your heart, shutting your soul down, to open up to the truth though in such times is what will instigate monumental inner growth.
Remembering that there is nothing and no one we are not connected to will ease the burden of grief, it will allow love to burst though and allow healing to begin, of ourselves, the planet and, of course of others.
Wallowing in self pity or anger serves no purpose in any journey, it simply keeps us locked into the controlling manipulations of the ego, keeping us away from the beauty of our own magnificence and power, hence having the ability to overcome anything in love.
Love is the answer to everything, no matter what is sent into our stories to test us, remaining in the vibration of love is the only way to freedom, to peace.
As I sit in the stillness of dawn, the light slowly painting the sky, the silence of the night slowly disappearing as the day begins, another day of being Gemel, of being all. As the wispy clouds glide above me I know they are a part of me. As my cats sleep, snuggled close against my skin, I know they are a part of me. As each and every other human wakes or retires for the night, I know they are a part of me.
Everything is me, I am everything...................