Monday, February 21, 2011

No Matter.......

No matter what is sent to teach me these days, it appears that my balance is not lost for long. My perception of my inner world converses with me continuously alerting me that stability is required.
Of late, the messages are subtly whispered to me gently ushering me to see, and understand the steps needed to regain my peace. Softly I am steered in the direction of love, of peace.
Learning to stretch the self into new and truthful awareness unties the constriction placed upon us by others. Viewing every encounter with an open heart is not an easy quest, however, it is totally freeing. Surrendering to the hushed voice that guides my way has always lead me back to God, to the gentle vibration of his unwavering love. Each situation that he has deemed for my growth is done so with his blessing, often, it may take me a week or so to digest and understand the lesson, but, always the outcome is the same, immense inner growth.
Once we are joined with another within our hearts, they never leave, not fully, for once in the heart, forever in the Soul, it is however sad for me to think that so many fail to be comfortable with this level of awareness, many remain in the slumbering human attitude of ego driven reactions that fail to allow them to communicate from their hearts, it is easier to hide, or, worse, react in anger.
If one is of God then they know that Love never stops, it can't stop, as it is the way of the heart, which is why I feel so buoyant, even though an ending has occurred within my story. With each lesson that God presents me with I rise more open and lucid, able to see through the human dramas that weave their way through my story. Feeling a deepening bond with all those who have played starring roles in my story, as without them, I would not be who I am this day......................

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