Saturday, February 05, 2011

Many Speak Of....

Many speak of love, of having transcended the ego behavior and traits that normally dominate all relationships, yet, I find, it is often these same people who play the most games.
Following the calling of the heart is something that once instigated will see the old ego based way of life no longer penetrates your soul, well, for me in any case.
But as I have seen recently, this is not so for others who too profess their dedication to Spirit/God, as their actions still radiate a darkness within their hearts.
Learning from these encounters is liberating me, I am able to feel and digest the emotions that rise within me, yet, stay firmly content and on my path. With each game that is presented to me I find new strength within, and with each day this power grows.
A powerful awakening that allows me to see the subtle distractions that are sent to tempt me into the childish world of lies and deceit, now although I maybe lured into the web, if I listen to the inner voices I am sent timely prompts to the truth of the situation.
Standing alone has taught me of my own inner strength.
It has shown me that I have a loving band of invisible protectors here to support me.
Perhaps one day I will encounter another human who is actually all he professes to be, another who views the world as I, one who no longer is willed by his ego.
Until that moment though I am flying, free into my destiny.....................


Natalie said...

Simply gorgeous images, Gemel.
Being human is hard ometimes isn't it?.♥

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You have a way with words my friend.

Gemel said...

Thank you both ♥