Thursday, February 24, 2011

God Speaks...........

God speaks in the simplest of ways, so soft is his whisper that many miss the moment completely.
As the setting sun painted the sky ablaze I sat in mute awe of the portrait before me, just observing the brilliance above me.
In this simply powerful moment another message was delivered, that of unconditional love.
Love so profoundly pure that I sat, humbled by its presence, obeying the prompting of a furry head, I allowed the moment to unfold.
Pixie is not a cuddly cat, she harbours far too much pain and hurt to allow close interactions, yet tonight, twice she came not only seeking a scratch behind her ears, but, to snuggle down upon my chest, and to sit, gazing into my eyes with such intensity that everything else faded into oblivion.
She spoke a language so ancient, a language that requires no words, it spoke from heart to heart.
In a time when truth is seldom seen, I know without hesitation that true love can always be found with my cats, for they have no hidden agendas, they do not lie, they speak with truth from their heart centre to mine, reminding me that truth in love does exist, it is real.
In the growing web of serenity that enfolds the house I am feeling a time of stillness and peace is descending upon us, in the past months there has been much movement, change and growth, now it seems is the time to stop.
Stop searching.
Stop doing.
Just rest..............

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