Monday, February 28, 2011


Where God is
Is where you are....

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feel Life.......

Feel life through your heart, every second of every day.
Live life through your heart, with each step that you take, do so with an open heart.
Experience life through your heart, every encounter is here to teach you, allow love to illuminate the way.
See life through your heart, whatever the situation may be, love, is always present, even if you fail to see it, it is there hovering and waiting for you to open to its embrace................

Thursday, February 24, 2011

God Speaks...........

God speaks in the simplest of ways, so soft is his whisper that many miss the moment completely.
As the setting sun painted the sky ablaze I sat in mute awe of the portrait before me, just observing the brilliance above me.
In this simply powerful moment another message was delivered, that of unconditional love.
Love so profoundly pure that I sat, humbled by its presence, obeying the prompting of a furry head, I allowed the moment to unfold.
Pixie is not a cuddly cat, she harbours far too much pain and hurt to allow close interactions, yet tonight, twice she came not only seeking a scratch behind her ears, but, to snuggle down upon my chest, and to sit, gazing into my eyes with such intensity that everything else faded into oblivion.
She spoke a language so ancient, a language that requires no words, it spoke from heart to heart.
In a time when truth is seldom seen, I know without hesitation that true love can always be found with my cats, for they have no hidden agendas, they do not lie, they speak with truth from their heart centre to mine, reminding me that truth in love does exist, it is real.
In the growing web of serenity that enfolds the house I am feeling a time of stillness and peace is descending upon us, in the past months there has been much movement, change and growth, now it seems is the time to stop.
Stop searching.
Stop doing.
Just rest..............

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Growing......

The growing number of plants that are finding their way into my (soon-to-be) back garden are waiting patiently to be freed from the constrictions of their pots.
Soon when I open the blinds I see a inviting green oasis to enjoy.
At first I had intended to create a cottage type garden to go with the cottage look of the house, yet the plants that are speaking to me are those mainly of a tropical nature.
Next week the paving will be done, which leaves me free to nurture my garden, finally saying goodbye to the sandy barrenness.
Wind flags bring the song of the breeze to sing along with the tinkling bells of my wind chimes, a Bali bowl will sit in the corner adding the ambient melody of trickling water.
A place to sit in God, peacefully being me..........

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Acceptance.......

An acceptance of being in the house has covered me recently, bringing with it a calmness that reminds me that doing nothing is a powerful tool.
Whether I stay, or whether I go is no longer relevant, the acceptance of the house is the key.
Having resisted the move from the get go it is only in the last few days that I have felt a calming vibration within the home, it is for the interim period a place to retreat to, to be.
Having finally began to complete the tasks that make a house a home I expect is part of the change, as for months it was just a shell, void of my trademark colours that brings me into my dwellings.
Having culled so many of my possessions as the restrictions they place on my soul was creating a stagnation, the new openness is nurturing.
In a time of new beginnings I am finding stillness within these walls.
A place to return to as I allow The All to pen my next chapter........................................

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Lips......

The lips of wisdom are closed
Except to the ears of understanding.......

No Matter.......

No matter what is sent to teach me these days, it appears that my balance is not lost for long. My perception of my inner world converses with me continuously alerting me that stability is required.
Of late, the messages are subtly whispered to me gently ushering me to see, and understand the steps needed to regain my peace. Softly I am steered in the direction of love, of peace.
Learning to stretch the self into new and truthful awareness unties the constriction placed upon us by others. Viewing every encounter with an open heart is not an easy quest, however, it is totally freeing. Surrendering to the hushed voice that guides my way has always lead me back to God, to the gentle vibration of his unwavering love. Each situation that he has deemed for my growth is done so with his blessing, often, it may take me a week or so to digest and understand the lesson, but, always the outcome is the same, immense inner growth.
Once we are joined with another within our hearts, they never leave, not fully, for once in the heart, forever in the Soul, it is however sad for me to think that so many fail to be comfortable with this level of awareness, many remain in the slumbering human attitude of ego driven reactions that fail to allow them to communicate from their hearts, it is easier to hide, or, worse, react in anger.
If one is of God then they know that Love never stops, it can't stop, as it is the way of the heart, which is why I feel so buoyant, even though an ending has occurred within my story. With each lesson that God presents me with I rise more open and lucid, able to see through the human dramas that weave their way through my story. Feeling a deepening bond with all those who have played starring roles in my story, as without them, I would not be who I am this day......................

Sunday, February 20, 2011

All Things...........

All things work together for God.
There are no exceptions.
In the ego's judgement.................

The Quiet......

The quiet of dawn alone on the beach takes me to a place of perfect peace, of inner contentment.
Sitting and watching the water leads me into myself, where in the simplicity of the stillness I feel the connection to All.
The illusion of separation slips away, there is no aspect of life that I am not connected with.
From a grain of sand, to the body of another, I Am All, in peace, in love, in God.............

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Seeing the beauty within me radiate outwards into the endlessness of life is inspiring, liberating and, freeing..........

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Is Amazing......

It is amazing what happens when one allows God to create, no expectations.
Just allowing the will of God to engulf me entirely, the feeling, sheer bliss.
As the heaviness of the humid air warms my body, watching as my cats sleep in search of respite from the relentless heat I feel cleansed, with each trickle of sweat that travels down my body attempting to cool me I surrender deeper into Gods embrace.
Silently the night closes in, with it comes the anticipation of dreams, of travels to aspects of myself that inhabit and travel in other dimensions.
The sweetness of nothingness serenades me, its sweet melody whispering its chant within my heart, telling me of an ancient power in the silence of surrender, of moments so precious that I swoon at their message........

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

As The Setting...........

As the setting sun tinted the sky with delicate hues of golden delight, the hint of rain danced within the humid air, the promise of a downpour was tantalising.
As the gentle waves broke softly on the shore I joined the gulls as they silently gazed upon the thunderclouds that loomed in the distance, the rumble of thunder breaking the unearthly silence of the evening.
The stillness of the night lured me closer to the shore.
The thought of entering the water to glide within its purifying grasp, to relinquish myself to the Oneness of eternity in a single moment of surrender was summonsing me.
The wind had dropped, the hush so loud it penetrated each minute cell of my body, sending shivers of delight throughout my being, stilling me as the silky wetness engulfed me.
Sensing the company of an almighty presence I closed my eyes, the water ebbed around me, encircling me in its loving caress.
Feeling the intensity quicken, I stood, mute to the grandeur of the moment, humbled by the simplicity of the encounter...............

Letting The Light.........

Letting the light shine into my world is transforming and reviving, even when it comes in the darken form of deception disguised as truth.
It is from these soulful lessons that one always finds the greatest growth, well, this is true in my case anyway.
With the dissolving of a union of which I thought was based on truth, on love, I have found such a renewal of my soul, and such inner strength that I do not dwell on the loss of such a connection, but rather, I walk forward into reality, and remain steadfast in the Now, standing tall in truth.
Chatting to a dear friend yesterday highlighted this to me, and it has also illuminated to me the importance of truth to me as a fundamental basis for each relationship I have, and to have a person use my beliefs to play a game with my heart would normally see me left agonising over the affair, not this time though, this time I have been infused with a strength so powerful that I see the gift for what it was, and it is liberating.
I realize now with full awareness that all I require is here, surrounding me in everyday, I need not travel to far away lands, nor dis-guard all that I own to prove my dedication to God, all that is required by me is to surrender and allow God to feel this life through each and every second of my days.
I came here for experience, experience in a human form, to live a life of flesh and blood, to feel an array of emotions, and situations.
With the vanishing of this person has come a wonderful explosion of new encounters, a fresh and wondrous appearance of new and exciting people entering my world.
Once again I surrendered myself to God, and, once again in doing so a course of miracles has appeared right before my eyes.
The heart aches no longer enter my world, instead I feel the grief and sit with it, feel the ball of energy turning within my centre, and as I sat and felt it swirling within it was swamped with such love that it dissolved into nothingness and drifted away.
Now I feel empowered and completely alive in every single cell of my body, and as I expand into tomorrow and the freshness of a blank canvas I do so with a full and contented heart.................

Monday, February 07, 2011

I Will Find...............

I will find Heaven
Everything I seek but this will fall away.................

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Many Speak Of....

Many speak of love, of having transcended the ego behavior and traits that normally dominate all relationships, yet, I find, it is often these same people who play the most games.
Following the calling of the heart is something that once instigated will see the old ego based way of life no longer penetrates your soul, well, for me in any case.
But as I have seen recently, this is not so for others who too profess their dedication to Spirit/God, as their actions still radiate a darkness within their hearts.
Learning from these encounters is liberating me, I am able to feel and digest the emotions that rise within me, yet, stay firmly content and on my path. With each game that is presented to me I find new strength within, and with each day this power grows.
A powerful awakening that allows me to see the subtle distractions that are sent to tempt me into the childish world of lies and deceit, now although I maybe lured into the web, if I listen to the inner voices I am sent timely prompts to the truth of the situation.
Standing alone has taught me of my own inner strength.
It has shown me that I have a loving band of invisible protectors here to support me.
Perhaps one day I will encounter another human who is actually all he professes to be, another who views the world as I, one who no longer is willed by his ego.
Until that moment though I am flying, free into my destiny.....................