Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wonder......

The wonder of life is seldom witnessed in the miracle of our own bodies.
Seeing the splendor that surrounds us, the hues of golden sunlight that cascades over us as the sun retreats ending another day is easy, yet as I witnessed the vision of millions of rainbow filaments of glittering light shimmering across the ocean disappearing into my heart, weaving the gloriousness of the universe within me, entwining me for eternity with God I was consciously watching the wonder of myself.
As I watched the merging occurring I looked at the marvel of myself.
The golden glow of my sun-kissed skin was broken by the twirling orbs of light that create my body, merging together in an intimate mating as matter meets spirit, twirling within one another, creating the illusion that I Am.
Gazing deeper into myself I watched as the view of myself intensified, each delicate pale hairs upon my skin stood proudly as the evening breeze stroked my body, it's cooling touch a welcome reprieve from the intensity of the days heat.
Magic is what we are, all of us, works of living art so unique and rare that I was overwhelmed at the totality of myself.
Sitting, in stillness, listening to the universe as it pulsated within me, around me, knowing with definite certainty that life as a human is a profound gift, and experience that is lost to millions as they live a life of wants and needs, appetites fueled with lustful yearnings that lead them away from themselves and into the ego driven world of false desires.
Seeking out of the self does not gift the seeker with lasting happiness, yet to release yourself to journey within will grant you a boon of such wealth that all else fades into oblivion...........

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PepeB said...

There seem to be only a few people who experience the holiness of their own body. Mostly it's beyond our consciousness, what is really amazing in a society that is quite body-obsessed.