Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rainbows Shimmering.......

Rainbows shimmering atop the breaking surf on the reef, delight fills my heart as I walk in peaceful silence. The heat of the previous day seeps up through the wet sand as the waves retreat back into the ocean, mists swirling around my legs as the vapor rises, disappearing into the nothingness, merging once again with all.
The moon still high in the sky reflecting the soft glow of the sun as dawn peeks out over the dunes, mellow shades of pastel hues fading as the day births completely.
Feeling infinitely minute as I shifted my gaze heavenward, a tiny speck in this vast cosmos that cloaks me.
Gone is my desire to play into the meaningless of normal society, the lure of games and manipulation no longer entice me, knowing that my own growth is enough to propel peace throughout humanity penetrates through to my core, allowing the past to disappear in love and the future to remain unimportant as each moment takes me further into just being.
Life ebbs and flows in complete harmony if you are willing to allow yourself to glide in its current.
You become still and present, evermore comfortable with the gifts God has bestowed upon us and less impressed with the man-made idea of 'life'.
Floating in the river of life I know that for now I am to do nothing except trust, trust the innate wisdom of my heart................


Jaky Astik said...

Man! that was mind blowing!

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