Monday, January 10, 2011

At Times........

Sometimes it feels as if I hold the whole world within the palms of my hands, intending my healing thoughts to travel deep within the core of Mother Earth.
To cleanse and to sooth her ravaged body, her peoples and her plants and animals.
The wanton disregard of her beauty has bewildered me, across the globe there are others like me, who, by returning to themselves are able to see, without distraction the goal of this lost race, one that seeks to destroy not only themselves, but, all other life forms too.
Fear rules the planet, it is everywhere, out of control as the spiral of their hateful creations further devastates the Earth.
The answer is simple.
Too simple, which is why it is missed.
Love is the answer.
With all the time and money invested in hatred, wars, racism, greed, feuds, grudges, jealousy, materialism it is little wonder only a few are still enough to hear the call.
The return to Love.
Those, who like me who are backing away from societies demands and control, seeking a simple life immersed in peace, a breeding ground for love, are silently growing in numbers, offering healing to all by way of silent prayer.
There is no money in peace, there is no control in peace, there is no manipulation in peace, as in peace, fear cannot reside.
Those who thrive on control and manipulation are the most fearful of all, to scared to look inside to see the root cause of their pain, instead they aim it elsewhere, creating disharmony and unhappiness to others who still slumber to the knowledge of their true origins.
Which is why those in power invest so much time, money and energy in keeping the world as it is, living in fear.
Can you imagine a world smiling?
A world where all of us were accepted for the divine spark of light we are, each of us an aspect of God, a place where all thought with the heart and acted with love, a place of peace...........


PepeB said...

Thanks for your insightful words.

Natalie said...

I can only hope that I live to see it.