Saturday, January 29, 2011

Light Cascades.....

Light cascades within my home, its energy entwining delicately around my heart.
Rainbow orbs dance, pulsating their energy outwards, merging with all.
Tis a time of much growth, propelled by my own awareness shifting.
Trusting my heart has become my way of life, subtle signs gifted by God to gently illuminate the changes not only within my self, but, of others too.
I find that although I sense changes often weeks before they occur in reality, I often dawdle in my acceptance of their truth, or maybe it is because I still await others to speak truth from their hearts instead of retreating into nothingness.
Silence grants one the ability to see truth, for in the silence of nothingness God speaks.
As one moment ends, another moment begins taking me closer to my true self.
In the stillness of a summers afternoon I sit in peaceful silence, surround by love as it radiates towards me through the pastel hues of the setting sun.
Now I surrender any outcomes for my life, instead I hand the pen to God to compose my way in harmony and peace as I abandon control and allow my life to be...........

Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's In.....

It's in the opening to surrender
We really learn to fly...................


Many request it
Few speak it...............

Monday, January 24, 2011


I need do nothing
Just pray
And be still
And all will be-come
In God time...........

Love Resides....

Love resides in a grateful heart
In a mind that is beholden to God......

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Come, Sit With Me....

Come, sit with me.
The silent peaks of billowy clouds decorating the sky, a flock of birds in flight dancing through the wind, as its song echoes throughout our hearts.
The leaves swaying in time with the melody of love that weaves its way through the scene, the scent of blossoms tantalizing my senses as my yearning grows.
I hear the sound of loves arrival floating towards me in orbs of translucent brilliance.
I breathe as you breathe.
I stand where you stand.
There is no separation.
We are


Meanwhile, Tarmal hijacked the washing en-route to be hung out. Where does she think shes taking my blanket?
Honestly, you turn your tail for one minute and look what happens!
And as for Madame Pixie, well she was lost in her own private world of bliss, the shoe fetish world.............

Always On............

Always on the look out for new places to ambush me Spirit was ecstatic with the appearance of a dress hanging from a door handle, squirming around like a kitten he was lost in a world of his own.
Until he realized what a great vantage point this was for swiping my ankles as I strode into the bedroom, thankfully his claw caught on the fabric and not on my skin.
Playing a game of peek a boo with him was simply joyous, entirely present with him in the moment, connecting the feline way.....

War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rainbows Shimmering.......

Rainbows shimmering atop the breaking surf on the reef, delight fills my heart as I walk in peaceful silence. The heat of the previous day seeps up through the wet sand as the waves retreat back into the ocean, mists swirling around my legs as the vapor rises, disappearing into the nothingness, merging once again with all.
The moon still high in the sky reflecting the soft glow of the sun as dawn peeks out over the dunes, mellow shades of pastel hues fading as the day births completely.
Feeling infinitely minute as I shifted my gaze heavenward, a tiny speck in this vast cosmos that cloaks me.
Gone is my desire to play into the meaningless of normal society, the lure of games and manipulation no longer entice me, knowing that my own growth is enough to propel peace throughout humanity penetrates through to my core, allowing the past to disappear in love and the future to remain unimportant as each moment takes me further into just being.
Life ebbs and flows in complete harmony if you are willing to allow yourself to glide in its current.
You become still and present, evermore comfortable with the gifts God has bestowed upon us and less impressed with the man-made idea of 'life'.
Floating in the river of life I know that for now I am to do nothing except trust, trust the innate wisdom of my heart................

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Wonder......

The wonder of life is seldom witnessed in the miracle of our own bodies.
Seeing the splendor that surrounds us, the hues of golden sunlight that cascades over us as the sun retreats ending another day is easy, yet as I witnessed the vision of millions of rainbow filaments of glittering light shimmering across the ocean disappearing into my heart, weaving the gloriousness of the universe within me, entwining me for eternity with God I was consciously watching the wonder of myself.
As I watched the merging occurring I looked at the marvel of myself.
The golden glow of my sun-kissed skin was broken by the twirling orbs of light that create my body, merging together in an intimate mating as matter meets spirit, twirling within one another, creating the illusion that I Am.
Gazing deeper into myself I watched as the view of myself intensified, each delicate pale hairs upon my skin stood proudly as the evening breeze stroked my body, it's cooling touch a welcome reprieve from the intensity of the days heat.
Magic is what we are, all of us, works of living art so unique and rare that I was overwhelmed at the totality of myself.
Sitting, in stillness, listening to the universe as it pulsated within me, around me, knowing with definite certainty that life as a human is a profound gift, and experience that is lost to millions as they live a life of wants and needs, appetites fueled with lustful yearnings that lead them away from themselves and into the ego driven world of false desires.
Seeking out of the self does not gift the seeker with lasting happiness, yet to release yourself to journey within will grant you a boon of such wealth that all else fades into oblivion...........

In Stillness.....

In stillness I sit
In solitude I listen
In peace I remember
In love I reside.........

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's All......

It's all about timing.....

Happy Dreams......

Happy dreams come true
Not because they are dreams
Because they are happy.......

Come, Holy Spirit

Sunday, January 16, 2011

To Attain.....

To attain peace
You must give up the concept of conflict
For all Time......

My Heart......

My heart is a place of Love........

The Moment.....

The moment I heard my first love story I began seeking you
not realizing the search was useless
Lovers don't meet somewhere along the way
They are in one another's souls from the beginning.........

Saturday, January 15, 2011

With Pixie......

With Pixie and Tarmal spending so much time by the open doors sniffing the array of smells that drift in each day I have decided to build them a cat run in the courtyard so they can spend time outside safely.
Until I have completed the gardens we are here for the interim period until the time is right for the next step of our journey, so far my inspiration remains dormant, perhaps due to my heart being elsewhere, which is limiting the necessary creativity needed to flow and inspire a plan, with exception that is, for the cat run for my feline companions, here the creative juices are running amok............


Languidly ambling along, the cool water cleansing my feet sending a rush of bliss throughout my body.
The crystal waters entrance me, alluringly fascinating as the gentle current washing the corals back and forth gently soothes my soul.
Beneath the waves lies another world, one of silent splendor.
A place that induces a calmness so relaxing that I could float endlessly in delightful rapture.
Staring out into vast blue expanse of water that disappears into the distance I feel the urge to swim out, leaving the land behind, to drift, to be carried away in complete surrender into the flow of what will be.............

Friday, January 14, 2011

Feeling Like A Droplet............

Feeling like a droplet in the vast ocean of life, I find myself suspended, floating weightlessly, in the sea of energy that surrounds me.
I hear the summons, a calling so powerful that its resonance fills every cell of my body, attuning me to the vibrations of a new way of Being.
Calling me to begin again, renewed and awake.
Life continues around me, the endless dance of normality, the mundane ritual of daily routines.
Day by day its grip fades away, vanishing into the distant memories of my yesterdays, drifting into the abyss of oblivion.
The call of love is profound, the pull incredibly potent, there is no escape from its request.
Restlessness snakes around me as visions of my path come to me in dreams, lingering like seductive treasures tempting me to follow.
Am I prepared to trust my faith?
To go with what is in my heart?
To take the final steps out of the darkness, and, into the Light, to return completely to Love, to live without confinement by the Way of the Heart..................

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Don't listen anymore..............

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So Many...........

So many endings.
Blankness echoes all around me.
The beginnings beckon......................

Monday, January 10, 2011

At Times........

Sometimes it feels as if I hold the whole world within the palms of my hands, intending my healing thoughts to travel deep within the core of Mother Earth.
To cleanse and to sooth her ravaged body, her peoples and her plants and animals.
The wanton disregard of her beauty has bewildered me, across the globe there are others like me, who, by returning to themselves are able to see, without distraction the goal of this lost race, one that seeks to destroy not only themselves, but, all other life forms too.
Fear rules the planet, it is everywhere, out of control as the spiral of their hateful creations further devastates the Earth.
The answer is simple.
Too simple, which is why it is missed.
Love is the answer.
With all the time and money invested in hatred, wars, racism, greed, feuds, grudges, jealousy, materialism it is little wonder only a few are still enough to hear the call.
The return to Love.
Those, who like me who are backing away from societies demands and control, seeking a simple life immersed in peace, a breeding ground for love, are silently growing in numbers, offering healing to all by way of silent prayer.
There is no money in peace, there is no control in peace, there is no manipulation in peace, as in peace, fear cannot reside.
Those who thrive on control and manipulation are the most fearful of all, to scared to look inside to see the root cause of their pain, instead they aim it elsewhere, creating disharmony and unhappiness to others who still slumber to the knowledge of their true origins.
Which is why those in power invest so much time, money and energy in keeping the world as it is, living in fear.
Can you imagine a world smiling?
A world where all of us were accepted for the divine spark of light we are, each of us an aspect of God, a place where all thought with the heart and acted with love, a place of peace...........

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Tarmie Is........

Tarmie is always looking for new and innovated ways to have fun, I was in hysterics as I watched him trying to work out how he was going to get under this stool.
I don't think I will ever understand his logic, although having said that his antics cause hours of laughter in the home.
Altering his vantage point must have given him the inspiration necessary as he attempted to shimmy underneath, which did appear a lot more difficult than he had anticipated.
Not one to be beaten, getting stuck did not deter him, he wriggled and squirmed for another few minutes until his cute little face popped out the other side.
What comical little man he is, getting stuck a second time set me off again, although I must say I do not allow him to know that I am laughing at him, after all cat exploring is a very serious business indeed........

Inner Calm.....

Inner calm is achieved by being patient with others and

Sunday, January 02, 2011

To See...........

To see Life
You must relinquish your investment in death
For you will not see
As you cling to beliefs of death
Even though
Is All around you........

Finding Myself......

Finding myself as always being more of a spectator than a participant of the festive season has opened my connection more deeply with God, and, with myself.
Seeing past the modern materialistic meaning of Christmas that drives millions of people to buy, buy, buy, instead I look deeper into myself and at the inherent union that keeps me as One with God. Knowing that the greatest gift I have is to release myself into God's will, to allow him to direct my life with complete trust and faith is all I require.
Gone is the need for material gifts, in fact as I watched the madness of those around me buying food as if the world was ending, only to find that most of it goes uneaten and ends up rotting in a tip, a waste on so many levels, yet this is not seen by millions of people around the globe, instead they are carried away with the frenzied countdown to a once, Holy Day.
The media hype to spend, spend, spend is in my opinion diabolical, as it is designed to keep people locked in a ritual of wants and needs that will never fulfill the barren emptiness they find inside, instead it propels them further into the quagmire of attachment to things and the importance placed on their 'ownership' of these things, then of course there is the pressure of giving and receiving gifts that 'prove' your love/worth. The once simple gesture of giving a gift from the heart is worthless in these days of plasma televisions and mp3 players and the like.
I have found this time to be a time of reconnection, and of releasing, and no material object comes close to magnitude of its boon.
It is the time of awakening, of remembering the divinity of myself, and my place in Gods garden.
Seeing myself reflected back, viewing the rays of Light that shimmer with radiance as I uncoil and expand more fully into the wholeness of me prompting the glow contained within, to blossom with unspeakable brilliance as I give myself to God, and to the path of the Light.............

Tarmie's Fascination.............

Tarmie's fascination with water and his intrinsic duty to watch over me while I shower or bathe is a constant source of amusement for me.
His little face often reflects his concern while he watches me in water.
After a bath he will sit and watch until the last droplet of water has disappeared down the plughole, when at last a sense of calm returns to him and he will trot off to join his siblings.
The shower though is another issue entirely, as here he is separated from me completely by the glass door.
And this, he is certainly not happy about.
His little face carries his unease as he watches the water falling on me as I am contained with a glass room which he is unable to get into to reach me and ensure my safety.
Perhaps I may have to start showering with the doors open, it may ease the trauma he goes through each morning and night as I enter into the watery domain that concerns him so..................