Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yesterday Was..........

Yesterday was Spirit's first time outside since we moved three weeks ago.
He had been such a good boy, only indicating a desire to go out a couple of times.
Not certain what to expect I simply prayed that he would be safe, and I trusted did not panic and run off in fright.
Letting him sniff his way around our still barren garden I left him to his own devices and went back inside to await his return.
An hour later I spied him up on the garage roof.
He seemed to favor this view for inspecting his new domain, he paraded around up here for about half an hour, until he saw a better, higher, vantage point.
Along the fence top he sauntered on his way to investigate the house rooftop.
Which seemed like a great idea at the time.
He could not get down.
All I could hear was his distressed cries as he ran from side to side, apparently the down pipe covers did not assist him in getting down, and try as I might I could not find anything that would get me high enough to reach him.
Deciding that if I left him alone to dwell on his predicament he would figure out a way down so reluctantly I went inside leaving him to it.
Five minutes later he was at the back door meowing to be let inside, where he stayed for the remainder of the day.
Seems it is all a little too much for him out there, bless his heart, it must seem like we have moved to the moon.
He went out again briefly this morning, he was still out when I left to run a few errands, I thought that he would be okay for a half and hour or so, but turns out I was wrong.
Returning home I found a rather distressed Spirit waiting by the gate, shouting at me as I opened the garage door, I think he was telling me that he does not mind going outside for a few minutes, but how dare I leave him out here all alone.
Since then he has retreated to 'their' room and has shown no interest in leaving the house anytime soon.............

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