Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Today Was A Day Of.......................................

Today was a day of profound changes.
Deep shifts within that illuminated the magic of synchronicity.
A day where the effects of simplicity has left me extensively altered, intensely changed by one small act.
Sitting in the quiet I gazed upon myself with an transformed awareness, staring into the blankness that shone before me, tempting me to trust the hand of God as he pens my way, telling me to trust, to Be.
As the sky burst into a portrait of amber brilliance I sat and felt the radiance of its loveliness oozing into my veins, remembering my intrinsic connection to The Universe, feeling the nurturing power in the nothingness of silence.
As I gazed up at this spectacle of perfection I was reminded of the miracle of creation.
Of the endlessness of eternity.
The foreverness of love.
And in the purity of surrendering myself to Gods will, allowing him to transcribe my story with love so indescribable that I feel certain my heart will explode.
As the evening sky began to darken above I felt its warming passion heighten as the shadows overpowered the delicate clouds leading them into restfulness of another night, seeing in this moment the purity of Gods love, knowing that all is, exactly as it should be.........



beautiful words and images, dear lady! and there, from the heavens, a kiss, at the end! just lovely!

Natalie said...

How is everything going Gemel?
Your sky is beautiful. ♥