Sunday, December 05, 2010

My Three...

My three companions seem to have settled down rather well into their new abode. Spirit in particular has surprised me with his behaviour, I expected him to be pacing the house endlessly meowing to be let out, instead, he sits and watches, lifting his nose frequently to smell the aromas drifting in on the breeze.
I have started to take him for walks outside so he can see more of his new territory.
Pixie on the other hand is very skittish, even when I move she takes off in a terrified panic, it will take her sometime to settle down and relax, it is not helping with all the workmen that come and go all day, loud and strange noises are perhaps a little too much to contend with as well as a new home.
She does have her moments though where she comes out of hiding and offers her tummy for tickling, bless her heart.
And as for Tarmie, well, he is content where ever I am.
If I am in sight he snuggles down to sleep, anywhere, anytime..........

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Natalie said...

Oh, to be a cat. :)