Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Call Of....................

The call of the ocean seduced me into an afternoon of sheer delight.
Just me and the infinite embrace of Gods love, reflecting back at me in the salty spray from the water, the soft sand beneath my feet, everything I passed I saw God within.
Sitting in the soft sand watching as the waves hurdled themselves upon the shore I felt weightless, free from the heaviness of my mortal body.
As I explored my new playground I felt a returning to myself. A sense of completion of another phase of my story, with it came a releasing profoundly cathartic, infusing me with peace.
As always I stopped to admire the perfection of the locals as I passed, not missing the glorious essence of each Being I encountered, acknowledging their presence and the miracle of life..........

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susan said...

I wish I could have been there too - at least after we'd both had our fill of the peace and solitude at opposite ends of that beautiful beach and were in need of some tea.