Friday, December 31, 2010


Love is everywhere.
Surrounding us entirely.
In God's infinite embrace...................

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Walking Alone...........

Walking alone at every available opportunity takes me home to the core of myself.
To the infinite love that cascades over my heart.
With the ever changing beauty of the ocean surrounding me I find myself lost for hours in a world of my own.
One, where only love is present.
And God is seen everywhere................

It Is In......

It is in the simplicity of silence that one finds meaning.
Unless we feel the universe within we are disconnected from God.
And to be without connection to God is to lead a life with no meaning.
Love is everywhere.
All we have to do is look with our hearts to see it..............

Monday, December 20, 2010


Healing is shared.......

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Sunsets........

The sunsets over the house have been nothing short of inspirational since our recent move.
With the courtyard still a sandy pit which is a way off being completed, the only bit of color around me is in the few pots plants that are scattered about, therefore these fiery canvases each night infuses me with joy as the sky is saturated in colors so vibrant and alive.
Perhaps it is the result of cyclones working their way down the coast that is creating these stunning vistas, or maybe it is simply God painting a masterpiece to celebrate the ending of each day.
Just sitting and Being is enough to have me lost in awe for hours.
For as day becomes evening, and evening becomes night, I am transported home to realms of another life, in another world, far far away...............

With Spirit........

With Spirit out patrolling the rooftops, keeping a watchful eye over his family and his new territory, Tarmie decided that he would help me as I sorted out my clothes.
A born supervisor is he, always where the action is.
Not sure what he was looking at, perhaps he was questioning the amount of orange hanging above his head.
Or maybe he was just looking for more mischief to get into which is more his style.
Pixie meanwhile had spent the day in the spare bedroom, which has now been renamed 'their' room as the three of them have taken this room over for slumber and play.
Oh to be a cat that lives with me................

A Perfect Way......

A perfect way to begin my day.
Breakfast in a glass.
Snow pea shoots, sweet potato, broccoli, string beans, and carrot juice.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

After Three.......

After three weeks of newspaper curtains we now have blinds.
White wood look on all the front windows and,
Sunscreen blinds on the back sliding door, that not only provide privacy, but also cool the house too.
Not being allowed to erect any structures to provide shade in the courtyard is insane given the climate here, and having lived in the house for three weeks I realized that I needed something that was practical in combating the heat of the afternoon sun, not something that was aesthetically pleasing.
Actually, I am rather pleased with the finished product as once the garden is done I still have a view of the outside even when the blinds are down.
Another step closer to heaven...............

Yesterday Was..........

Yesterday was Spirit's first time outside since we moved three weeks ago.
He had been such a good boy, only indicating a desire to go out a couple of times.
Not certain what to expect I simply prayed that he would be safe, and I trusted did not panic and run off in fright.
Letting him sniff his way around our still barren garden I left him to his own devices and went back inside to await his return.
An hour later I spied him up on the garage roof.
He seemed to favor this view for inspecting his new domain, he paraded around up here for about half an hour, until he saw a better, higher, vantage point.
Along the fence top he sauntered on his way to investigate the house rooftop.
Which seemed like a great idea at the time.
He could not get down.
All I could hear was his distressed cries as he ran from side to side, apparently the down pipe covers did not assist him in getting down, and try as I might I could not find anything that would get me high enough to reach him.
Deciding that if I left him alone to dwell on his predicament he would figure out a way down so reluctantly I went inside leaving him to it.
Five minutes later he was at the back door meowing to be let inside, where he stayed for the remainder of the day.
Seems it is all a little too much for him out there, bless his heart, it must seem like we have moved to the moon.
He went out again briefly this morning, he was still out when I left to run a few errands, I thought that he would be okay for a half and hour or so, but turns out I was wrong.
Returning home I found a rather distressed Spirit waiting by the gate, shouting at me as I opened the garage door, I think he was telling me that he does not mind going outside for a few minutes, but how dare I leave him out here all alone.
Since then he has retreated to 'their' room and has shown no interest in leaving the house anytime soon.............

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It is..........

It is only in Eternity that Love has meaning....not in ego driven 'Love'
Releasing the past and future and surrendering to God is the only way to find real Love that will take us back to Eternity
To God
For it is only in Eternity that we are again at One with the Mind of God
And once we are again reunited with Him we discover the material 'things','status' and 'drama's' of this world mean absolutely nothing.....

Monday, December 13, 2010

While Spirit.......

While Spirit keeps watch over his new domain (complete with tufts of Tarmies fur in his mouth,) I relaxed and enjoyed an afternoon of being with my cats.
Those who have never experienced the unconditional love of an animal have missed out of the holiest love of all, which is why I suppose I am drawn to animal companions rather than human ones, they speak my language, they love without conditions.
Gazing into Tarmies eyes is like seeing into heaven, the love that is beamed back to me is humbling, our bond is a gift, one I know that Tarmie is also aware of.
Pixie has also mellowed in this house, seems that the vibration of peace seeps out of the walls and into all who reside here, Pixie is hiding less and coming for cuddles and play more frequently. Spirit also has changed, he is calmer and more tactile too, even instigating the play session not only with his siblings but also with me.
Calm serenity cocoons us in a bubble of peace that is moving us all to a new place of Being..............

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Pixie And I......

Pixie and I had a bit of girl time after I finished unpacking the contents of my therapy room tonight, although I had sorted out a lot of stuff prior to moving, still more things were discarded, heading to the charity shops.
Sitting back and feeling the energy I was pleased with the flow that is beginning to run through the house.
Less feels right.
I still have some things that seem to chase me about the house as if pleading to stay, funny how all my Buddha's (except one) seem to be finding alternative accommodation, apparently they too are no longer required.
There are little things to do now inside, a shelf for the microwave, light fittings to put up and pictures to hang, then the inside is mainly done.
Then it is just the gardens to do, the front I have sorted in my mind, but the courtyard out the back is proving to be a challenge as there are covenants in place that restrict certain ideas I had for providing shade.
I will just have to sit and listen, I am certain I will hear the whispers as inspiration seeps in through the door and into my heart..............

Okay I Have To.........

Okay I have to admit something is going on around me.
The first time I go walking on the new beach I have a hawk hovering over me.
This time I see a seal frolicking in the water (look closely and you will see him, just under the seagull.)
As I approached the gull I wondered what it was showing so much attention to, being one to investigate I was thrilled with my find.
So much for my walk, I was too enthralled to move.
The seal was feeding on the weed that was washing up in the afternoon surf and the gull was hanging around in case it got lucky with leftovers.
It was one of those moments that I will remember forever, simple, but overpowering in its joy and the love it radiated.
As I headed back to the car I felt an urge to turn around, as I did I saw this cloud formation, which may or may not be an Angel.
As I said, something is definitely happening around me, think I had better be alert and pay attention to every little encounter I have...............

As Another Day........

As another day dawns on my street I ventured out to relish the quiet hushed serenity that shrouds me.
Being the only inhabitant (well okay not quite, I do have my three feline guardians) on the street has been a rather unusual episode.
The silence at night is blissful, such peacefulness without the noise of other humans to interrupt my stillness.
As I stood and looked down towards the rising Sun I felt an inner calm, an acceptance of being where I am to be just now, making a home in God for me and my cats, a place to honor the divine within.
The warming glow within the house radiated a snugness, it spoke to me of cycles that need to be completed and of yet unimagined stories yet to be written.
It told of trust, and the strength in the miracles that wait encircled in Gods imagination until, he deems the moment is right....................

Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Miracle.....

The miracle minimizes the need for time.............

The Call Of....................

The call of the ocean seduced me into an afternoon of sheer delight.
Just me and the infinite embrace of Gods love, reflecting back at me in the salty spray from the water, the soft sand beneath my feet, everything I passed I saw God within.
Sitting in the soft sand watching as the waves hurdled themselves upon the shore I felt weightless, free from the heaviness of my mortal body.
As I explored my new playground I felt a returning to myself. A sense of completion of another phase of my story, with it came a releasing profoundly cathartic, infusing me with peace.
As always I stopped to admire the perfection of the locals as I passed, not missing the glorious essence of each Being I encountered, acknowledging their presence and the miracle of life..........

Funny The Things........

Funny the things I find on my bed when I wake up.
This morning two balls left by Pixie I expect who has an annoying habit of playing soccer on the bed as I sleep.
Although, maybe it was Tarmal who was the culprit this time, wasting not a moment once he knew I was awake, settling himself down for his morning cuddle whilst maintaining possession of his toys...................

The Guardian Of..............

The guardian of the bath still watches over me whenever I enter the watery domain of pleasure.
Enjoying the caress of the water as I close my eyes and relax listening to my heart as it beats gently, feeling the pulsating energy of my soul emanating out into The Universe.
Watching the flickering flame as it sways silently, softly illuminating the darkness as night cloaks me once more.
No sounds.
Just the nothingness of silence surrounds me.
The deep sonorous rhythm of its overpowering force entering me, taking me deeper into the secret chambers of love............