Sunday, November 21, 2010


How many people take it for granted?
The warmth of an embrace, the heat from an others body next to yours.
The feel of skin on skin.
Lips upon lips.
Fingertips that trace the curve of your back.
Feeling another heart, beating in rhythm with your own.
I have learnt recently though that touch does not always require that two people be in the same room, the loving touch of another can come to you in spirit form.
Dancing in with the dawn light as it softly illuminates my room, suddenly awakening me to the presence of another. The tenderness of his energy surrounds me in a cocoon of purity, love so flawlessly intimate, relentless in its potency as it infiltrates every cell of my body.
This form of touch is mystical and extraordinarily erotic it takes me to a place of unbelievable bliss, a place of beauty so intense that I am left bewildered at its power, its realness, its love..........


Natalie said...

Yes, you are right. There is all sorts of ways to reach another.♥

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Fascinating, Gemel. And I think you're absolutely right.