Monday, November 08, 2010

Spending Time..............

Spending time alone in God this morning allowing the beauty around me to infuse into my Soul, relaxing me deeper into myself and the Earth, feeling her subtle vibrations pulsing up through the ground and into me stopped time.
Heavier I felt as I sunk deeper into the warmness of her nurturing vibration.
The trees are filled with an abundance of bird life, several families of magpies are the permanent residents, one in particular is very cheeky and is known to come into the house.
Sitting and watching them as they forage for food, communicating with each other is so humbling, and so wildly intoxicating.
Adding to this mornings magic was a pair of mating dragonflies.
Watching them glide together, softly landing in front of me I watched in modest wonder as they joined in sacred union before me.
A sensual blessing of Gods Love.
In the simplicity of the flowering grasses swaying in the warming breeze I sat in harmonious unity with All.
As the blooming grasses danced in the wind I saw eternity before me in the unique miracle of life as it echoed around me.
The hues of green that painted the scene, soothing me into euphoric bliss.
Unable am I to relate the rapturous symphony I felt rise within me as I sat, silent and still, instead I beckon you to journey into my Heart, to join me.
Come, feel the mystery for yourself.......

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