Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On The Ground.......

On the ground once again in the Tingle Forest I was absorbed into a fantasy land.
There were many Tingle trees with these gaping holes at the base of their trunks all had the ability to transport me to a realm of faeries and unicorns.
The magical essence of the forest was weaving its spell upon me, in a daze I ambled along, lazily taking photographs completely lost in its enchantment.
And then I saw this.
The Grandmother Tingle.
Awesomely nurturing, loving and kind.
I was bewitched by her charm, mellowed by her presence, humbled by her love.
If you ever get the chance to visit Walpole in the south west of Western Australia I would recommend you come here, it is ancient and pure, and for now, mostly untouched, a rarity these days.........

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luksky said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!