Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Living In............

Living in the present allows me to view the world as if for the first time each second, of each day.
Seeing the truth of each new vista that appears before me.
The past and the future have no relevance for me any longer, neither exist, therefore only the present is significant.
I have walked these paths many times prior to this moment, and even though I have always been absorbed in each scene completely as I passed by, now though it is done with recognition of the sacredness that each moment contains.
Therefore my perception has altered my view on everything and everyone I encounter.
The ego abides in the past, so much so that it has us judging each new encounter with the memory it clings to of prior encounters.
The ego has no use of the Now, which is why it is difficult to exist in the Now if you are still living the way of the ego.
Having dedicated my self to another way of Being, I have withdrawn for the ego's seduction.
It's voice no longer seduces me, it sings to an empty theatre.
Living by the way of the Heart I see with the eyes of All.
Treasuring even the smallest encounter, as each has an enchantment all of it's own..........

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