Sunday, November 28, 2010

Enjoying The...............

Enjoying the appearance of boxes, which provided lots of nooks and crannies to play hide and seek, not to mention different places to sleep, I think that my feline trio were happy with the new layout.
Spirit seemed to be the only one of the three whom detected something not right.
Being mindful of his experience with humans moving I noticed that he was fretting, loosing weight and slightly jumpy.
Madame was getting a little braver and snuggling down in the most random places.
Tarmie found that this made the perfect bed, as I think it gave him a good view of the garden.
Packing them up a couple of days ago was invigorating.
Once they saw their cat carriers appear out of nowhere they all ran in different directions.
Thinking that Tarmie would be the easiest to catch was my mistake, after chasing the other two down one by one I spent a good quarter of an hour running after him as he tore around the house like a tornado.
Finally secured in their carriers with their beds and toys I endured the chorus of meowing that did not cease for the duration of our journey.
I do not like to leave them at the cattery, six pleading eyes and pitiful meows always makes me cry..............

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