Saturday, November 13, 2010

Driving Back...............

Driving back to my friends house a different way I stumbled across this lovely vista. The rain that had been persisntly falling all day had stopped allowing me to enjoy the energy and the beauty.
A local man practicing Qigong stopped his routine and began to tell me the history of the place, and, interestingly enough also speak about his life and God.
This is Poison Point, the name was given to because when the settlers arrived they used this part for the grazing of their sheep, trouble was all the sheep died. Hence the name Poison Point.
He also told me about how the aboriginal people named the two larger hills that overlook the estuary, the largest one was known as Father Kangaroo, the smaller one Mother Kangaroo, named because the mounds look like the backs of sleeping kangaroos.
Just off the shore in the distance there is a small island, this is called Honeymoon Island, chatting about it he made me laugh as he said he had been on the island several times while out kayaking and swears there is no room for a double bed anywhere in between the rocks. As I gazed out over the water, watching the steam rising through the trees I relaxed into the tranquility of the silence as it embraced me.............

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