Sunday, November 07, 2010

I Haven't..........

I haven't been to a Meadery since I left England, in fact this one is the only one I know of here in Western Australia.
Mead is wine made from honey, but also this Meadery has other treasures on offer too.
One of my friends was in charge of the shop as the tourists came in a steady stream, meanwhile I was in the back as my other friend was busy making bees wax candles, and wrapping candle making kits for sale.
Going out into the shop I was instantly attracted to this glass hive.
The constant buzzing of the bees I found nurturing, as they droned on I watched in awe as they built their nest.
I didn't know that bees never sleep, watching them as they all worked together was intriguing, all working together in complete harmony.
The Queen was much bigger than the worker bees with a vibrant red stripe on her back, I also learnt today the reason why bees swarm, it is when the Queen leaves the nest as it has become too crowded.
There will be some worker bees that leave with her, the others will stay and care for the babies and nominate a new Queen to take over the hive............

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Natalie said...

That is very interesting, I didn't know that.
Your friends sound like interesting peeps, and their home is awesome. I loved the little Joey.:)