Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

There Is No...

There is no order of difficulty in

I Woke Up.......

I woke up this morning to Pixie's beautiful face looking at me.
She was even purring, I trust that she will not take too long to settle in.
Tarmie, meanwhile had decided to sleep on the floor under some cushion with my lovely newspaper curtains adding some privacy to his slumber.................

Pixie Finally.............

Pixie finally appeared out of the walk in robe last evening for a few frantic moments.
Rushing nervously around the house viewing her new domain, she jumped at the slightest noise or movement, bless her.
Round and around she paced before retreating once again to the safety of dark corners that she feels secure in.
Such a contrast to her sibling Tarmal, who simply flops down and chills out anywhere.........

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whats Going On..............

Whats going on?
Whose place is this?
Wheres our house?
Letting the cats out when we got back to the house today saw Pixie disappear up the passage and into my robe, where incidentally she has not moved from all day.
Tarmal was the calmest of the three, sitting with a bewildered look on his face, his eyes searching mine occasionally for some hint of what was occurring.
Spirit headed straight to the front of the house and stood for ages looking out.
Not quite what he was used to, at this point I am the only person living on the street so no gardens to go and explore for him!
I expect it looks like the moon, barren and bare.
Judging by the look on his face he is far from impressed!
Tarmal was the first to relax, I trust the other two won't be far behind him................

Enjoying The...............

Enjoying the appearance of boxes, which provided lots of nooks and crannies to play hide and seek, not to mention different places to sleep, I think that my feline trio were happy with the new layout.
Spirit seemed to be the only one of the three whom detected something not right.
Being mindful of his experience with humans moving I noticed that he was fretting, loosing weight and slightly jumpy.
Madame was getting a little braver and snuggling down in the most random places.
Tarmie found that this made the perfect bed, as I think it gave him a good view of the garden.
Packing them up a couple of days ago was invigorating.
Once they saw their cat carriers appear out of nowhere they all ran in different directions.
Thinking that Tarmie would be the easiest to catch was my mistake, after chasing the other two down one by one I spent a good quarter of an hour running after him as he tore around the house like a tornado.
Finally secured in their carriers with their beds and toys I endured the chorus of meowing that did not cease for the duration of our journey.
I do not like to leave them at the cattery, six pleading eyes and pitiful meows always makes me cry..............

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On The Ground.......

On the ground once again in the Tingle Forest I was absorbed into a fantasy land.
There were many Tingle trees with these gaping holes at the base of their trunks all had the ability to transport me to a realm of faeries and unicorns.
The magical essence of the forest was weaving its spell upon me, in a daze I ambled along, lazily taking photographs completely lost in its enchantment.
And then I saw this.
The Grandmother Tingle.
Awesomely nurturing, loving and kind.
I was bewitched by her charm, mellowed by her presence, humbled by her love.
If you ever get the chance to visit Walpole in the south west of Western Australia I would recommend you come here, it is ancient and pure, and for now, mostly untouched, a rarity these days.........

The Highlight...........

The highlight of my vacation would have to be visiting the Tingle Forest.
The Tingle trees are amazing, many giants towering above the rest of the forest folk.
One of the Tingle Trees in the forest is actually the oldest Tingle Tree (Eucalyptus) in the world, the energy of the ancient mammoth was astounding, I always hug and caress trees as I pass them, much to the amusement of others, however, touching these trees was quite an experience.
Walking above the Tingle Trees is vital I learnt as they have very shallow root systems, therefor lots of tourists marching all over them would actually kill the forest, which is why they built the tree top walk I expect.
I thoroughly enjoyed this sensation, the swinging of the bridge was soothing, being high up above the ground I felt light, free, weightless.
Hearing the rustling leaves so close to my ears was amazing, the depth of their whispering made me smile, as it was far more musical than when one is on the ground, their songs infused me with joy.
I did not mind looking down either, although my friend was not sharing my enthusiasm, bless her, as I merrily walked along she was turning a funny shade of green.........

Sunday, November 21, 2010


How many people take it for granted?
The warmth of an embrace, the heat from an others body next to yours.
The feel of skin on skin.
Lips upon lips.
Fingertips that trace the curve of your back.
Feeling another heart, beating in rhythm with your own.
I have learnt recently though that touch does not always require that two people be in the same room, the loving touch of another can come to you in spirit form.
Dancing in with the dawn light as it softly illuminates my room, suddenly awakening me to the presence of another. The tenderness of his energy surrounds me in a cocoon of purity, love so flawlessly intimate, relentless in its potency as it infiltrates every cell of my body.
This form of touch is mystical and extraordinarily erotic it takes me to a place of unbelievable bliss, a place of beauty so intense that I am left bewildered at its power, its realness, its love..........

Friday, November 19, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet Cyril..........

Meet Cyril a very friendly and sociable magpie.
Cyril became my morning companion whilst on vacation, as soon as he saw movement in the house, or, a car arrive he would appear at the door and start tapping it with his beak, and if that failed to attract attention he would give you the look!
My friends had told me that Cyril would come in if the door was left ajar, the first time I tried it nothing happened, and I was told that it was Mrs Cyril who was wandering around and she, unlike her partner wouldn't venture indoors, being a patient person though I did not give up and sure enough in he wandered much to my delight.
First of all he took a slow walk around the room, he missed nothing as he paraded around, he was so serious that me made me laugh, careful not to offend him though I disguised my mirth, bless him it was priceless to watch.
Having checked the floor for any tasty crumbs he went to perch on the settee. I got a little nervous in case he had an accident and thought it wise to tempted him off, just in case.
Having a few intimate moments was so enchanting.
I would have loved to have known what he was thinking as we spent the morning together, and what his opinion was of a human home, and whether my friends are the only ones he visits like this, or whether he has a string of trained humans on call...............

Monday, November 15, 2010

Going To Albany.............

Going to Albany for day we stumbled across the towns attempt of a stone circle. Not quite what we were used to in England we did smile at their attempt to create a little ambiance though.
The main road through the town was already ready for Christmas with the sparse decorations hanging above the passing cars, such a different atmosphere to England.
Heading back home we stopped Middleton Beach where discovered these two mushrooms, I stood in silent awe of the miracle of life, amongst all the bricks and mortar of the materialistic world mother nature always calls me back.
Always happier surrounded by nature I was in my element as the clouds darkened overhead. The wind danced around me as the promise of rain called once more. Time to drive back across the countryside once more and into the coming storm In a word. Bliss...........


Savouring the moments spent with my friends saw me embracing each day that we shared together. Whether going for walks, sharing food, chatting or playing a board game not a second went buy without being fully lived.
There is no other time I dwell in any longer than the Now, I see no further than where I stand at any given moment, which although I see the path meandering out in front of me, none of my attention joins in its creation.
Being with with people of such gentleness and love is a blessing, our paths have been entwined as we all journey our way through life, being in the same country as them again is a blessing, one that none of us took for granted..............

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Driving Back...............

Driving back to my friends house a different way I stumbled across this lovely vista. The rain that had been persisntly falling all day had stopped allowing me to enjoy the energy and the beauty.
A local man practicing Qigong stopped his routine and began to tell me the history of the place, and, interestingly enough also speak about his life and God.
This is Poison Point, the name was given to because when the settlers arrived they used this part for the grazing of their sheep, trouble was all the sheep died. Hence the name Poison Point.
He also told me about how the aboriginal people named the two larger hills that overlook the estuary, the largest one was known as Father Kangaroo, the smaller one Mother Kangaroo, named because the mounds look like the backs of sleeping kangaroos.
Just off the shore in the distance there is a small island, this is called Honeymoon Island, chatting about it he made me laugh as he said he had been on the island several times while out kayaking and swears there is no room for a double bed anywhere in between the rocks. As I gazed out over the water, watching the steam rising through the trees I relaxed into the tranquility of the silence as it embraced me.............

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taking A Morning......

Taking a morning stroll around the township of Denmark yesterday was a relaxing beginning to my day.
Being out of the main tourist season I found it rather enjoyable ambling the quiet meandering roads, content to be unseen watching life in motion surrounding me.
Denmark is nestled in the hills surrounded by farms and vineyards, which of course are the main sources of income down here, closely followed by tourism.
With this in mind most of the towns shops were targeted at the continual stream of tourists that visit the town all year round.
Having a large community of alternative residents and a number of healing retreats dotted around the outskirts of the town I found that a many of the retailers were targeting this niche of the market.
Browsing the stores and realizing that my attraction to 'stuff' had disappeared had me smiling to myself as I wandered along.................