Monday, October 18, 2010

You Are I......

You are I
I are you
There is only one of us
Not two, or three....or millions.......
The essence of Who We Are is Light.
Within the Light there is Love.
Within the Love there is God.
This Light within you is Perfect, this Light is not judgemental nor cruel, it is there burning away until a moment of clarity awakens you and carries you home to your Heart.
Home is not the house you live in, it is the stillness and silence that nestles within your Heart.
It is the place that lacks ego, and sees the ultimate truth, that we Are All One.
Regardless of race or species All is connected to our Heart, and our Heart is united with God.
God does not judge, in Gods eyes all his sons are perfect, it is only that many listen to the incessant chattering of their egos, provoking behaviour and thought patterns that establish a severed connection from the truth within. Thus, their way can be perceived as hard, brutal, bitter, painful, a life they wish they did not have to endure.
God sees no difference in any of us, it is the humans that do the judging, in Gods eyes we are all perfect, unconscious to our perfection, but perfect we are.
He is there shining always, His Light within us, never loosing faith in any of us.
God knows that whether you are a Buddhist monk or a murderer his Light shines within both of you, His love never falters.
He knows that the path any of us walk is due to our interpretation and belief in our Self, it''s about how we view ourselves, our perception of our self and whether we have the fortitude required to return to His waiting embrace.
Those of us who have always felt disconnected from our surroundings, from this world and the teachings of society begin the search for truth, working our way through the cloudiness that surrounds us endeavoring to find our way to Truth, to Peace, to the Light.
Walking the path of the seeker takes dedication, as the ego tries with never ending perseverance to halt you in your tracks bombarding your mind with diversions, designed to keep you locked in the cycle of depression, discouraging you, willing you to return to the banal world of the obedient, never questioning, just existing in a routine life of wants and needs.
It calls for you to stay stuck, not seeing any perfection in your self at all, for it is the Light within us that terrifies us the most, to feel the Light within, is to see the Truth.
What would we do without the anger, resentment, judgements, and fears? Many fail to believe in themselves, they blame the past, situations, relationship breakdowns, work issues and thousands of other things on why they are not happy, why their life is like it is.
Yet if they journeyed inside their Heart they would find that they are capable of anything, that by sitting in solitude with The Divine they could change their life, manifesting with Love creates a harmonious life, it banishes the negativity completely.
Taking control of your self is confronting, as you are banning the excuses, accepting responsibility for your self, knowing that you are the only one who can create disharmony within you, that by seeing the Light within others allows you to see through the ego based games that go on around you, gifting you a serene Soul.
Realization of the interconnectedness of All becomes the principal you live by, knowing that to hurt another or will negativity towards them is to bestow the same upon your self, instead you choose to follow the Light, radiating the joy that now emits its brilliance with every beat of your Heart.............


PepeB said...

Thanks for those words ...

Gemel said...

Thank God :) He tells me what to write ♥