Sunday, October 03, 2010

Yesterday Saw..............

Yesterday saw another boot load of books leaving my life.
With each bag load I felt a little Lighter, smiling to myself as I sorted through my once cherished book collection, some of these books I have had for years, yet now none of them hold any meaning at all.
As I move into complete acceptance of my self I feel no need to cling to material possessions as they mean absolutely nothing to me anymore.
We spend years surrounding ourselves with stuff, things that weigh us down, tell stories, hold memories.
We feel that we can't live without these precious things, sometimes the things are so prized that we won't even use them, hidden away in cupboards waiting for a special occasion.
Yet what purpose do these things really have, I mean seriously, what would happen to us is they were taken from us.
I know that over the years I too have been so attached to "stuff" in an attempt to fill the void within me, but they never did.
Because the thing that I needed the most was living within me the entire time, nestling in the warmth of my heart, waiting patiently until the Light began to filter through.
I have found that the courage it took to meet myself was just the beginning on the avenue to internal serenity, as the journey ahead of me now requests undisputed devotion to my path, lessening the hold of the ego, and thus, returning to the path to God...................

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Life is so ironic. We come into this world with nothing, we leave with nothing but in between we spend considerable amounts of time and energy accumulating possessions that we cannot use.