Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Tranquility..........

The tranquility of the ocean summons me to come.
Silent and unstirring.
Motionless I sat as a storm began to brew around me, the wind increasing in intensity as the waves began to pound harder against the fragile shore.
Swirling around me the energy buzzing with the cathartic promise the downpour will bring.
Hypnotized as the billowy clouds rushed overhead, hushing the world around me, relaxing deeper with each breath.
Feeling the quickening of the breeze, smelling the purity of the rain takes me further into my Self.
Sensing the elements around me I opened myself to them, acknowledging the sonorous relationship that bonds us together, every minute particle fuses with my own sacred essence.
As One, no separation.
No longer is the path stretched out before me of any great importance, it is there for surely I see it, yet, it holds no lingering claim upon me any longer.
As I retreat further into my own holiness I understand that what is to be, will be, by relinquishing the ego and its foolishness has unlocked the magic within, in doing so I now hold no relevance of time and plans.
Instead I allow my Heart to pen our journey,
no amor........em paz...............em Deus...............


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great pics and you have a way with words.

Gemel said...

Thanks Yogi :)