Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Sauntering along in God again this morning invigorated and saturated with a vibrancy that I have never experienced before.
Alive to the magnificence that stares back at me. Each moment a sacred encounter that reminds me that time is an illusion, as am I.
The endlessness of eternity is everywhere, it speaks to me of an pledge made long ago, to allow me to create my life with free will, it reminds me of unending purity, inconceivable love and eternal companionship.
The footprints in the sand are but an illusion, for I know that I never walk alone.
As the calm clear cool waters stretch out before me I still myself to feel the throbbing of The Universe, it speaks to me in a language of pleasure so intense that I swoon at the intensity of its power.
Physically sensing the Divine within has left me transformed, altered forever as I walk the way of The Light..............

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