Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Observing The World.......

Observing the world with an altered perception means seeing God in all things.
With doing so I withdraw into nature even more, for it is only here I feel at home.
Meaningless thoughts create a meaningless world, sitting viewing the modern world around me I realize that society is meaningless to me, void of anything significant to keep me enthralled in the false rhythm that rushes all around me.
Instead I walk.
Opening myself to God in this way has freed me, seeing the Light in all I pass.
Each flower, blade of grass, tree, leaves, dirt, water, wildlife. I have always seen God in these things, because nature is the only place that I feel real.
Up until now it had been the only location that I felt the Light within another, in the untold beauty of nature.
Still Light was shining in other directions, I just didn't see it, or more precisely did not wish to see it. Disconnected as I was, I failed to acknowledge the Light in other humans, especially given the state of the planet and the abuse fellow Beings endured at the hands of the humans, the weight of this catastrophe blocked me in my ignorance, blinded by my crying heart.
Suddenly though I see, with awaken eyes and a new understanding of Oneness, that all of us, every single human is of the Light, Divine, of God, even those who are causing harm to others.
Being able to accept this is intensely powerful. As I now fully comprehend that we all have the free will to pen our own tale, some choose a story of Love, others, well the state of the world testifies the stories others choose to create, yet even in the darkest heart there is the Light, waiting for a crack in the armour that the tortured Soul has surrounded themselves with so that salvation may begin to resurrect their life.
In the solitude of creation I discover my way through the mire of sludge that pollutes the world.
Rising above the lure of the media and of peer pressure I walk independently, liberated from the cloak of control that once constricted me. Acknowledging the God within all others as I pass them knowing that by shining my own Light to the Light within them is all I am required to do, for it is in the silent gesture of an illuminated heart that true healing may be transmitted.........

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